6 sales tips for infoproducers

sales tips

If you have an infoproduct but don’t know how to offer it to the market. How about knowing our sales tips? In this way, you can build a process based on the sales funnel to attract the people most likely to convert.

Thus, you can market your infoproducts in an easier way, as well as getting the expected results, that is, the profit. Remember that this is only possible because you will have a well-structured sales process.

Want to know our online sales tips? So, read on and check out everything we’ve separated for you. Come on!

Get to know the 6 online sales tips for infoproducers

Infoproducers also need to be concerned with the process of selling their digital products. With that in mind, in this text we separate the main tips for you to be able to market your infoproducts more assertively. Therefore, it is easier to obtain the expected results. Follow up!

1. Create a sales process

Before starting to sell your infoproducts, it is necessary to create a sales process. It should contain all the steps, as well as the strategies you will use to turn people interested in your digital products into customers.

To be able to build this process, you must identify your avatar, that is, the profile of your ideal client. Once you know your persona’s characteristics, pains, desires, and buying objections, it’s easier to build a more assertive sales process.

The next step is to define the stages of the marketing process for your infoproducts according to the sales funnel. They generally include prospecting, approaching and presenting, negotiating, closing and post-sales. Next, you need to describe the sales strategies that will be employed in each of these steps.

Furthermore, it is necessary to make clear to customers how your sales process works. To do this, create a page on your website or a landing page with all the information that will guide your persona on how the process to buy your online course works, for example.

2. Invest in content marketing

Using content marketing strategies is essential for anyone looking to sell online. That’s because, this is an advantageous way to attract people interested in your content and, consequently, turn them into potential customers.

In addition, you can create authority in your area of ​​expertise. This helps a lot in the sales process, as people who have confidence in your work are more likely to buy your digital products. This way, marketing your online courses, ebooks and other products become easier.

For this, it is necessary to carry out research related to your persona to identify the main topics of interest and the most used digital channels. Thus, you will be able to create attractive content for the blog, social networks and rich materials.

Remember that content marketing is a great strategy for you to get your potential customer through all the steps in the sales funnel. This is one of the great sales tips for your lead to go from being a simple visitor to your website or social network to become an ambassador for your brand.

3. Structure the online service system

Remember that the experience provided during the purchase process is very important for people to effectively become your customers. Therefore, it is essential that you worry about structuring a good online service system.

In other words, you need to establish the contact channels through which potential and current customers can talk to you. As well as configuring them so that the service is performed in the best possible way. Remember that consumers are looking to buy from infoproducers that have a fast and efficient service process.

In this case, the website chat, social media direct, WhatsApp, email, telephone, landing page contact form, among others, can be used as channels. It is worth noting that the more you facilitate people’s access, the better the experience will be. This counts for many points when it comes to customer loyalty.

4. Offer payment options

It is essential that you offer secure payment options so that customers feel protected when making a purchase. To do this, use reliable payment systems known in the market.

In that case, you can opt for platforms that already have their own system. Therefore, it is possible to host your online course or your ebook in a location that facilitates the payment process.

There are many platform options in the market for hosting and selling infoproducts. Therefore, thoroughly research the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them before hiring the best option.

In addition, you must choose a system that accepts different forms of payment, such as credit card, debit card, bank slip, transfer, among others. Thus, you can offer your customers several options at the time of purchase. This can be considered a differential when the customer needs to choose between two infoproducers.

5. Create a sales page

You need to create a sales page, it can be a tab on your website or a landing page. On this page, it is necessary to include some information, such as:

  • Headline;
  • Product description;
  • Benefits;
  • Eye-catching and quality images;
  • Price;
  • Form of payment;
  • Points of contact;
  • Among other elements that can present your infoproduct to the potential customer, as well as facilitate the purchase process.

Also, don’t forget to insert buttons that tell people what the next step is, namely, the purchase. To do this, use colors and sizes that make it stand out from the page content. That way, your call to action will be more attractive.

Don’t forget that this page must be integrated with the payment system or with the platform on which you intend to use the system. This way, you make it easier for people to access your shopping cart.

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6. Establish after-sales strategies

It is not enough just to follow the sales tips so that your digital product is purchased and consumed by customers. You also need to establish after-sales actions to retain them.

To do this, keep in touch with customers via email or instant messages to get feedback on the purchase process as well as your product or service.

It is also possible to send information with tips to use your infoproduct in the best way. For example, if you sold an online course, send them an email with time management tips so they can get more out of the classes.

Don’t forget that one of the after-sales strategies is to offer other products or services to improve the customer experience. In other words, going back to the example of the online course, you can indicate a new, more advanced course, an online mentoring, an online consultancy or an ebook to complement the knowledge or for the client to be able to put the content learned in the course into practice in their day to day.

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