Customer relationship: how to provide quality service

Customer relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with the customer is essential for any business, especially when it depends on the consumer’s trust in the brand. However, establishing this relationship is not always easy.

For home office companies, the challenge becomes even greater. To help you resolve this issue, HeroSpark has compiled this text with tips on what you can do to build a good customer relationship.

Tips for a good customer relationship


Trust is the essence of customer relationships. Achieving excellence in this relationship with the consumer depends on a few factors, but the main one — and that is also the starting point — is trust.

It’s harder for a person who doesn’t know your business to invest their money in a service or product without knowing your company’s reputation. Thus, ensuring a good brand image among the public is the first step to be taken. In this sense, among some of the actions that can be taken, we have:

1. Humanization of the relationship

It’s much easier to trust a business by knowing who’s behind it. Contact between consumer and company representative diminishes the notion that the brand is just trying to sell at any cost.

Therefore, invest in a transparent relationship between your business and the buyer. Adding an “about the company” session, for example, talking about the trajectory of the brand and its creator helps in this objective.

2. Security of customer data

Digital security is an increasingly important factor. With so much data being leaked onto the web, the customer’s concern is legitimate. Some consumers may opt-out of the purchase if they don’t feel safe on the site.

To avoid this, host your website on a platform that encrypts the information entered by customers. If your site has a lock symbol before the email address and/or HTTPS — it’s not HTTP — then it’s secure.

That’s because the SSL security certificate, the global standard security technology, gives us these two pieces of evidence. If they exist, then the platform you use already protects the data.

In addition, put positive feedbacks from those who have already used your service on the home page, which will be the Social Proof. Thus, as soon as they enter your virtual space, the customer will notice that they can trust. This is a tip that can also be applied to show that the services offered by your business are good and recognized.

3. Detail the service or product

Before consuming a service, the customer needs to know what he is paying for. If your sales page doesn’t provide enough information about the product, how will the consumer feel the need for what you sell? How will you know if it’s worth it?

On the other hand, if the service is well detailed and offered in a seductive way, then there is a greater chance that the customer will pay for it. Therefore, detail what is being offered and emphasize the benefits it brings to the consumer. Write objective text that dialogues with the customer.

To understand how to use copywriting to make good sales texts, watch the following video:

Digital marketing for customer relationship

In this journey in search of the brand to awaken positive memories in the customer and in those who have not yet consumed its service, digital marketing is a great ally. Knowing how to use the correct techniques, your company strengthens the relationship with the customer and even reaches more people.

1. Establish office hours

Especially during the home office, people can end up forgetting the existence of business hours. As in the new mode of production, workplace and home are the same, it is possible that consumers do not notice the rest period, trying to get in touch outside business hours.

2. Create a FAQ

Even with the wealth of information about a product on the digital page, it is possible that the customer may have questions. Some of these questions are often shared by other customers.

So instead of wasting your and your customer’s time on calls, create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on the site. This optimization of time makes your customer realize that you understand how precious their time is and, believe me, it counts in the relationship with the customer.

3. Use social media

Social Media Marketing helps businesses reach a wider audience and to approach customers. Therefore, create a profile on the main social networks and use them in favour of your brand. There is a lot to explore.

Therefore, pay attention to your customer’s wishes, behaviour and criticisms. This is a space for interaction, so don’t just advertise your products, but create a relationship with the customer. This can be done through interactive posts.

Offer a unique customer experience

The relationship with the customer involves different factors. However, offering a good experience is essential so that all other strategies make sense and the customer is comfortable with your product or service.

Therefore, we recommend that you invest in courses, programs and tools that can provide you with this differential. Check out a few below.

1. SparkStart

Along with these fundamental tips, you can count on the help of HeroSpark, a digital entrepreneurship platform that offers SparkStart, a complete program that helps you create a virtual product from the very beginning. With a unique methodology, SparkStart has everything you need to get your idea off the ground.

You will have access to an exclusive program with content on digital product creation, digital marketing, branding and performance, among others. Thus, you will learn to identify your skills and use them to create a digital product, to stand out in your area, among other lessons. With SparkStart, which is free, your business will always be ahead of the competition.

2. SparkFunnels

An allied tool for those who want to leverage their business is SparkFunnels. While SparkStart teaches you the techniques that lead to success, SparkFunnels provides the means to reach your goals.

That way, you’ll be able to create sales funnels with leads, webinars, trigger emails and many other things. In addition, you’ll also have metrics reports for each step in the funnel, and you can improve customer relationships at the steps you see the need.

Thus, with this free tool, your business does not run the risk of, for example, triggering incorrect emails, which would cause a possible problem in the relationship with the customer.

3. SparkMembers

SparkMembers allows you to create a members area for you to bond with your customers. In it, you can:

  • Have internal message exchanges to provide greater customer support;
  • Send content;
  • Establish access rules;
  • Create offer links.

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