Direct marketing: how to use it to generate more sales

Direct marketing

Burger King Posters, Nature magazines and websites of various online stores are the greatest examples of direct marketing. Their common factors are urgent offers, mental triggers of various kinds, and direct contact with the customer base.

So, unlike the process of advertising to a large number of different people, indirect marketing, you are looking to communicate specifically with a single consumer profile.

Some of the principles of direct marketing, according to what Bob Stone published in 1992, when he laid the foundations of the method, are:

  • identification of the potential customer ;
  • relationship management;
  • custom persuasion.

In this article, you will understand how to include direct marketing in your strategy and why it is important. Read more!

What is it and what are the types of direct marketing

Direct marketing is what works independently, without external communication channels and which, instead of appealing in a general way to reach a potential customer, isolates potential consumers through targeted communication.

It can be of the following types:

  • Personal sale

It is face-to-face interaction with the customer, with full personalization of the message and exchange of information. The seller demonstrates the products and gets immediate feedback from customers. However, it is a costly process as the service is one person at a time.

  • Telemarketing

It is the use of phone calls as marketing. It can be considered outdated, particularly active telemarketing, which is when the company contacts the customer. However, it is still feasible to use it, as long as the dialogue is relevant and enlightening.

  • Direct mail

Direct mail is communication via letter, with an expected response of 1 to 2%. In this digital context, it has adapted to the online format. So it can be either physical or digital.

  • Catalogue

Similarly, product catalogues that were previously all in print are also integrating the digital medium. However, at the doors of pharmacies and markets, in general, it is common to make leaflets with the week’s offers available — which is also direct marketing.

  • Telesales

In telesales marketing, the company provides a means for the consumer to actively seek to make the purchase. This medium can even be a television program, in which someone advertises the product for up to 24 hours and provides momentary discounts for the audience. A popular example of this is the Persian Medallion jewellery company.

  • Multimedia terminals (kiosks or totems)

These terminals are common in malls and serve for sale, demonstration and experimentation of a product or service. It can be quite advantageous, as it does not need human capital (as in the case of Polis hop massage chairs).

  • Online marketing

Some digital marketing actions can be classified as direct marketing. Email marketing, for example, is equivalent to traditional sales letters. Today, the material can be both physical and digital.

How to use direct marketing to increase sales

All these examples have been given so that you can understand the essence of direct marketing. With your principles in hand, let’s move on to tips that will help you experiment and extract the benefits of direct marketing.

Limit your audience

Have you ever stopped to think about the success factors of dating apps like Tinder and Bade? In these apps, users display their interests in their profiles, so person a usually only starts a dialogue with person B if their interests are aligned. Otherwise, there would be more friction and people gave up on each other.

One of the mottos of direct marketing is this too. Get to know your audience in the best way possible so that the sales process can flow smoothly and be assertive. The more you master the interests and pains of your ideal customers, the more likely your approach will be successful.

Use relevant content

If direct dialogue is so important within this marketing model, the content weighs considerably, do you agree? The sales team needs to be prepared, with useful and reliable information for the conversation.

When it comes to email marketing, especially, the entrepreneur has more freedom to choose the necessary content for the direct marketing activities. That’s why the previous step, that of getting to know the audience, weighs so heavily.

Invest in mental triggers

Direct marketing customers simply don’t think long before they buy — and that’s fine. Since the products or services are strategically designed in the pains of the persona, it is expected that when your potential customer accesses the solution, they will close the purchase, immediately. It’s what he was looking for, after all.

The triggers can be exploited in marketing by e-mail in digital marketing as a whole, and even in the speech itself the sellers. They are very common on e-commerce pages too, such as drop shipping, where direct marketing is one of its pillars.

Explore online tools

Tools that generate discount coupons and catboats can partner with marketers involved in direct marketing. The catboats, notably, work in an automated fashion.

So, in a way, if the difficulty of personal selling is that the agent wastes time talking to a single potential customer, the bots get over it, in part. Just use quick answers.

Analyze direct marketing outcomes

Since direct marketing does not depend on so many external channels, precisely because it is driven and often based on dialogue, analyzing the metrics becomes much easier. Forget the influence of algorithms and campaign price fluctuations due to elections or any other happenings.

Thus, unique source codes and insights without the interference of any intermediary cannot go unchallenged. Measure the strategy’s success through all of these elements, plus the number of calls made, coupon usage, clicks, and so on.

The benefits of targeted marketing

Is it really worth trying to generate more sales with direct marketing? Check out some reasons.

  • Cheap campaigns

We talk about email marketing a few times during the article. That’s because it just needs a main idea, relevant text or content, adequate artwork, well-crafted segmentation and a submission tool. Furthermore, if you can more accurately measure your results, the chances of getting financial returns to increase.

  • Customer loyalty

Direct marketing works face-to-face with your potential customer and, as a result, involves transparency around your product. This helps the satisfied customer to become a loyal and likely ‘lawyer’ for the brand.

  • Upsell and conversions

Communicating with existing customers also streamlines the upsell practice. Keep in touch with shoppers and make special offers, promotions and other events — which of course increases your chances of sales.

Direct marketing can positively achieve much more than e-commerce entrepreneurs. This strategy is versatile, for online and offline, and is able to differentiate itself by the real success of the campaigns launched.

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