Foolproof tips on how to do a webinar


If you are interested in the topic of this article, I imagine you are looking for ways to do a webinar, right?

We’ll bring you 3 tips on how to do a webinar and some things you should never do when doing a webinar.

Webinars can help you in your strategy, whether as a producer or an affiliate. Webinars, or webinars, are live broadcasts where you can, through a video, talk to an audience, ask questions or even sell.

They work at different points in your strategy, from engaging the product to actually selling it. It is very common, for example, for producers during the launch to hold webinars to boost sales and invite other producers for online interviews.

The sale of the product depends on the way you are going to work with it and, according to what we see in the market, webinars are one of the most versatile tools when it comes to selling.

If you have never done a live broadcast in your life, we will explain 3 essential points so that you know how to make a successful webinar.

Tips on how to make a webinar

Have a script

One of the things that you need to understand is that, as much as you understand a lot about the subject, as much as you master what you are going to say during this conference, it is essential that you have a script on how to do the webinar.

In an online broadcast, you are subject to several unforeseen events. But when you write a script in advance, you can have more control over yourself and can measure whether the conference will be too long or even too short.

When you make a screenplay, it’s easier for you to discern and show what the important points you have to make are.

This way, you are much safer when you speak and even the audience will notice this that you are firmer when you speak and will understand that you know where you are going. That way, your audience will have more trust. Watch this video to learn how to produce a good screenplay:

Take tests

The second tip is to test, but test a lot!

When you’re doing a webinar, you need to test and it’s not in the day, because you’ll probably get very tired at the end of each broadcast. Test in advance. A week before, days before.

Test as much as you can. In this test you will validate if your script is ok, if your internet broadcast is ok, if your webinar behaves, if the points you are emphasizing make sense to your audience.

So that way you can get an overview of everything.

Count on help

Another tip is: don’t think about how to do the webinar alone, always have someone accompanying you to help you behind the camera, to monitor the comments that will be coming. Having a team of 2 to 3 people is essential so that you don’t get nervous and so that you have support in case there is something unforeseen.

This team will help you organize your schedule in this process.

Deal with improvisations

Another tip is: know how to deal with unforeseen events.

If you already have a script, and if you’ve already tested it, you can be sure that your webinar will be a success.

However, as already said, a live stream is subject to unforeseen events, so you have to be calm in case something unforeseen arises.

This is a situation that usually gives you butterflies in your stomach because you’re talking life, so be prepared.

If something goes wrong, don’t get desperate, you already have a team that can help you. These things happen and you need to be flexible when it comes to webinars.

Let your audience know about the problem, don’t leave them unaware of what’s going on, and let them know what steps are being taken to keep your webinar running smoothly.

This will keep them from disconnecting out of dissatisfaction.

Most producers and affiliates use their own home resources to broadcast using the computer.

The only precautions you have to take if you choose to do it yourself is to check if you have good internet quality so that it does not interfere with your video conference and connection with users.

Also check the lighting, if the place is quiet and works well as a webinar.

Mistakes You Can’t Make When Making a Webinar

Reviewing what we’ve just covered, there are mistakes you should never make when doing a webinar.

Never do a webinar unprepared, there are many producers who do webinars unprepared. Always be pronto and organized, do your part. If you’re excited or anxious, that’s normal, but if you’re prepared, everything will certainly work out.

Lose the fear of public speaking

What if you’re afraid to speak in public? Do not hide! People want to look into your eyes. This is regardless of whether your presentation is a slide or not. If you choose this model, appear at the beginning and at the end to introduce yourself and thank you, for example.


Be yourself. People who already know you can notice the difference in your personality and you can lose credibility when it comes to webinars.

Also, even those who don’t know you, you won’t be able to sustain that personality for long, and that will have the same consequence, you may lose credibility. So don’t dress in a character that you think people will accept more of.

That way, when you attract your customers and followers, they will follow who you really are.

If you sustain a character, the day you get tired and become who you really are, then yes, people won’t accept you anymore, because you were lying to them.

Do not allow interruptions. It’s quite common during webinars for producers to be interrupted. Do not allow any kind of interruption.

Don’t be surprised

Avoid being surprised, organize yourself to the point where you don’t need to be interrupted.

It is inadvisable to make a presentation with the aim of wanting applause. Make a presentation with the objective of bringing a solution to those who are watching, you are not there for your own interests but for your audience’s and your focus should be that.

Also, if you focus on bringing help to your audience and they realize this, that help will change their life, consequently you will be able to build authority and achieve much more results.

Fulfil what you promised

Last but not least is to deliver what you promised.

Thus, if you sent email marketing to your list, promoting a certain product, comply with the requirements you disclosed. Regardless of what your goal is in how to do a webinar, whether to teach, sell or just publicize, fulfil what you promised.

This will certainly give you credibility and make you have incredible results in the short and long term.

In conclusion, trust is something that is earned and when broken it is difficult to recover. So beware! Pay close attention to how to do a webinar. And remember to rely on trusted tools to help you with the challenge, like SparkFunnels.


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