Get to know 10 entrepreneurship phrases spoken by superheroes

entrepreneurship phrases

Undertaking, for the most part, seems to be a hero’s task, as it can be difficult and challenging, but also very satisfying. Therefore, we separate some entrepreneurial phrases, inspiring and motivational, said by famous superheroes.

After all, the entrepreneur’s life is an adventure!

“We may not win every battle, but we must always give our best” – Spider-Man

Despite Spider-Man being a young hero, he has many inspiring entrepreneurial phrases and this is one of them: “We may not win every battle, but we must always give our best”.

The entrepreneur may not win all the challenges in business and even have some difficulties starting a project, just like a hero. However, it is necessary to make an effort and not give up. If you continue walking, you will certainly be successful.

2. “You don’t choose to be afraid. But choose what to do about it” – Captain Marvel

Among the best superhero lines is this one by Captain Marvel. That’s because fear is a great motivator, as long as it is used to give you strength and challenge you, helping you to carry out all your projects.

When starting a new business, such as an online course or a store, fear is a common feeling. However, it should not intimidate you, but give you courage. This attitude will define whether you will be successful in your entrepreneurial journey.

3. “Ask yourself: what will you sacrifice for what you believe” – ​​Thor

This is one of the most suitable motivational phrases for entrepreneurs. Thor witnessed great changes and struggles, but he always made clear his love for his people of Asgard and why he was willing to sacrifice himself.

Both a hero and an entrepreneur must have as their daily engine what they believe in, regardless of their objective. Save the world or make your business succeed, whatever. For both, you must always stay in the fight.

Choose your motivational entrepreneurship phrases and apply it in your daily life | Photo:

Choose your motivational entrepreneurship phrases and apply it in your daily life

4. “My job is to improve the world in the morning. It’s always been like that.”- Captain America

The work of improving the world and transforming reality is not only for the hero but also for the entrepreneur. The act of being an entrepreneur, in addition to being courageous, generates transformation through attitudes of innovation, resilience, love and sacrifice.

5. “You have to decide which man you are going to become. And whoever he is, he’s going to change the world” – Superman

Superman is a hero with many inspiring entrepreneurial phrases, including this one! Every entrepreneur has to choose which path he wants to follow. But one thing is certain, entrepreneurship is much more than just opening your own business, it also involves impacting people and changing lives through your service or product.

6. “No matter how bad things are, something good is out there, just above the horizon” – Green Lantern

Most entrepreneurs will, at some point, face obstacles along the way. This Green Lantern speech fits perfectly into this context.

No matter how difficult things seem, an entrepreneur needs to believe in their ideas and have confidence in their business to get up and go. As Lanterna Verde said: “something good is out there”, but it is necessary to look for these opportunities and seek new chances.

Have you thought, for example, about creating an infoproduct that helps people around you? There are several possibilities, and many are easier to achieve than you might think.

7. “Everyone has their cross, life is not just joy. If one day she messes with you, give her a peck and move on” – Wolverine

This is one of the superhero phrases that best suits those who have their own business. Making mistakes and having failures is common, especially if this is the first time you’re undertaking.

As the hero Wolverine said, everyone has their cross, life is not just joy”. The important thing is to move forward motivated.

"Life is not just joy, it's not just sadness either" - Wolverine | Photo: Unsplash.comLife is not just joy, it's not just sadness either | Photo:

“Life is not just joy, it’s not just sadness either” – Wolverine

8. “Life doesn’t give us a purpose, we give life a purpose” – Flash

A good way to identify your true motivation is to pay attention to what transforms you, motivates you and sets you on fire. To find your purpose, the first step must be to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Trust your skills and the potential of your business! This is essential to advance your entrepreneurial journey. If there’s one thing a hero and an entrepreneur need to have, to face the world and grow, it’s a good dose of self-esteem.

9. “Have faith, in the end, this will be your greatest weapon” – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman reaffirms the need to trust and believe in yourself to bring about change. Having faith in yourself is what will make you take your projects off paper and bring them into the real world.

This posture will also help you to implement innovative ideas and philosophies, making you less insecure and more fearless. Also remember that if you don’t trust yourself and believe things will work out, leads and customers won’t either.

10. “Sometimes you have to learn to run before you can walk” – Iron Man

That list couldn’t be missing Tony Stark, Iron Man! Perfectionism is one of the main villains of the entrepreneur.

How many times have you heard several people saying “this year I’m going to look for an extra source of income” or “I can’t stand working for others anymore, I want to create my own digital business”? I bet several times!

However, few people actually pursued this goal. Many even leave their comfort zone after an external event forces them.

That’s why this is one of the motivational entrepreneurship phrases spoken by a hero that you should know and take for life. Leave perfectionism aside and start walking even if you don’t have a firm footing, start soon!

After reading the entrepreneurship phrases, it’s time to get your hands dirty!

Now that you’ve learned valuable lessons about entrepreneurship from superheroes, it’s time to get your hands dirty!


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