Gourmet Area: +50 Ideas for a Cozy Space

Increasingly sought after by consumers in the real estate market, the gourmet area is a space integrated into planned houses and apartments, because its main objective is to install a warm and welcoming environment to celebrate with friends and family.

Therefore, gourmet spaces have become popular in recent years, with the aim of bringing a blended aspect between a kitchen and a social space, which provides a mixture of moments of joy and pleasure for families and guests.

In addition, these environments usually receive modern and high-tech equipment, such as a cooktop, cellar, electric oven and barbecue.

If you want gourmet spaces to be the main attraction of your home, how about abusing the decoration and making your new home a fun and attractive space for everyone.

Therefore, in this article we will provide essential tips for you to abuse the decoration and leave this space to your face. So, check it out there.

What are the advantages of having a gourmet area at home?

Is it worth creating a gourmet space in your home? So, we’ve selected some essential advantages to help you make your new choice.

  • Extra space: the gourmet space offers a new room to your home, where parties and private events can be held.
  • Private environment: as it is a reserved space inside your house, you do not need to follow strict rules such as party rooms in private condominiums.
  • Gathering friends: gourmet spaces are ideal environments for those who like to party with friends, as it is a reserved space in their home that resembles a party room.

50 ideas for gourmet spaces for you to be inspired

If you like a gourmet space but don’t know how to decorate, we will provide you with some models of inspiration for you to get creative and create a space that suits you.

 Small Gourmet Spaces

Small gourmet spaces for apartment.

If you have little space in your home but want to create a social area to have fun with friends, we suggest some small space models for you to get inspired.

And there’s more, with just a few utensils like a small barbecue and a fridge you can set up your space.

So, check it out!

Gourmet area with laundry

small laundry

If you have little space in your home but want to create a gourmet area, we suggest that you create an environment integrated with the laundry, so you save space and on top of that you have a place to call your friends over for a weekend barbecue.

So that the environment stays organized, we suggest that you put cupboards and baskets to hide dirty clothes and cleaning products, keeping your space more organized.

Gourmet area on the porch


Gourmet area with wine cellar

wine cellar

If you’re a wine lover, how about putting a wine cellar in your gourmet space because it’s a beautiful highlight for your new environment.

 Gourmet spaces with barbecue

barbecue and bench

Do you like a barbecue with friends on the weekend?

So, we suggest that you add a barbecue grill to your gourmet space, because I guarantee that your Sundays will be much better.

Gourmet area with pool

integrated pool

You don’t even need to talk right… Who never wanted a gourmet space around the pool?

In addition to leaving the environment harmonious, it is a form of leisure.

Gourmet area with electric barbecue and grill

Gourmet spaces with electric barbecue and grill

The barbecue is always present in most gourmet space proposals, in addition to being part of the structure of this space, it is responsible for food at parties.

So, how about moving around a bit and bringing an electric barbecue and grill.

Rustic gourmet area

Gourmet spaces with rustic decor.

How about adding a rustic decor to your gourmet space? Pretty cool huh!

You can make a rustic gourmet area in your home using masonry elements and wood textures.

The rustic style is ideal for those looking to have a natural footprint of country life in their home.

Gourmet area on the terrace

gourmet terrace spaces;

Do you have a vacant space on your terrace and don’t know what to do?

So, how about creating a gourmet space on your terrace.

So, you can combine with the guys, and have that delicious barbecue on the weekend.

Ultra-modern gourmet space

Gourmet spaces with ultra-modern decor

With a touch of elegance and sophistication, the ultra-modern gourmet spaces are a great alternative for those who use the latest technology and create a film-worthy environment.

Gourmet area with a ballroom

gourmet spaces with a ballroom.

For those who like parties a lot, gourmet spaces such as ballrooms are a great idea for those who have many friends and like to have fun.

To set up a ballroom in your own home, it is important to have tables, chairs, a refrigerator and a stove.

Gourmet area with simple decor

Gourmet spaces with simple decor.

If you don’t have money but want to create a gourmet space, why not use simple and inexpensive objects.

The main idea is to place a small decorative vase and stick stickers that imitate tile.

This way, you can make your gourmet space beautiful without spending a lot.

Indoor Gourmet Space

gourmet spaces in the interior of the house.

Who says your gourmet space has to be out and about?

Now you have the option of setting up your own gourmet area at home, you just need to use your creativity.

Gourmet spaces with integrated environments

gourmet spaces integrated with other environments.

Gourmet Area Environments

Gourmet spaces with barbecue and bench

Gourmet area in a house

gourmet spaces in the house.

In an aedicule, creating a gourmet space can be a great alternative for those seeking privacy.

Then it’s your turn!

Types of Countertops for Gourmet Area

Gourmet area with island

gourmet spaces with an island present.

In gourmet spaces, the island is used as a piece to help in the interaction between guests, while working on the preparation of meals.

Also check out: kitchens with islands.

Gourmet area with an L-shaped island

gourmet spaces with an L-shaped island.

Unlike the common island, the L-shaped Island provides more space when preparing dishes.

In addition to bringing an elegance and sophistication to the environment.

Gourmet area with a curved bench


In this case, the curved bench is used as a centerpiece to give your space a difference.

That’s because, in addition to giving a different look, it helps in the preparation of dishes.

 Outdoor Gourmet Spaces

Gourmet spaces in the outdoor area.

The outdoor areas are ideal for those who like to be outdoors, because they attract light to their space.

So, you will not miss this opportunity, right?

With plants

gourmet area with plants

If you like a space rich in plants, why not invest in one?

That’s because plants are decorative objects that bring beauty, thus bringing life to the environment.

Beach style

Gourmet area with beach style

It’s not because we’re not on the beach that we can’t use a typical decor in this environment.

So, if you have a gourmet space, the beach style can be a great alternative to bring a pleasant atmosphere to this environment.

Gourmet spaces in the garden

gourmet garden area

The gourmet space and the garden make a perfect combination…

Then, it’s your turn to experiment.

Garden apartment with gourmet space

garden apartments in gourmet areas

The garden provides an environment similar to a house, and is therefore ideal for those who live in an apartment but enjoy this new trend.

7. Decorations for Gourmet Spaces

Retro decoration

gourmet areas with retro decor

Do you like a retro decor? So, how about making an environment in that vibe.

Classic decoration

Gourmet areas with classic decor

The classic decor demonstrates a chic and refined environment, being a great alternative for those who enjoy a more discreet environment.

So, here’s the tip for those who want to bet on this decoration model.

Colorful gourmet area

Gourmet area with colorful decor.

Colors are the joy of the house, so use them and create a harmonious environment.

Area with games room

game room-inspired gourmet area

The game rooms in the gourmet space are a very fun option to gather friends. In addition to bringing a beautiful decoration to your gourmet space.

So, you will not waste this opportunity…

Gourmet area with clean decor

gourmet area with clean decor

If you like a cleaner environment, why not try this decor?

The clean gourmet space uses elements that combine elegance with sophistication, making it a great option for those who enjoy a more discreet decor.

Gourmet area with hydraulic tiles


Hydraulic tiles bring a more modern look and are therefore a good option for those who want to differentiate their own space.

Gourmet area with movie decor

Gourmet area with movie decor

If you like the movies, you’ll love this TV room-inspired gourmet area decor.

Being, an ideal option for you to call the guys and have a lot of fun.

Gourmet area with interior decor


Do you miss that calm of the interior? So why not create a gourmet space inspired by country life…

For this, you must use elements based on wood, clay and clay.

Bar-inspired gourmet area

bar-inspired gourmet space

Enjoy a bar on the weekend? So, how about creating a gourmet area inspired by this environment.

Gourmet space with colorful refrigerators

gourmet area with colorful refrigerators

Do you like to diversify? So, use colored refrigerators as they attract a retro look.

It will be beautiful!

Gourmet area with landscaping

landscaped gourmet space

The landscaping maintains the most welcoming and beautiful environment, so it is a great choice for decorating.

Gourmet spaces with neon decor

 Gourmet area with neon decor

Neon is with everything, so it’s worth betting on it for your gourmet space.

Gourmet spaces with black & white decor

Gourmet area with black and white decor

Black and white is a style…

How about, abuse this trend and make your gourmet space prettier.

Gourmet spaces with mini bars and refrigerators

gourmet area with mini bar and refrigerators

Another trendy bar that is also in fashion and makes your gourmet space beautiful.

Therefore, it is a great alternative to innovate.

Chic gourmet spaces

chic decor

Rock-inspired outdoor gourmet spaces

rock inspired area

If you want to make your gourmet space a differentiated environment, how about adding a decor inspired by rock classics.

In addition to bringing a different proposal, they make you and your friends have fun.

Wooden gourmet spaces

gourmet area with wood decor

Wood is still one of the most used materials in the construction and furniture of homes, so this material can be ideal for you to build your gourmet space.

Luxurious gourmet spaces

gourmet area with luxurious decor

If you like luxury, bet on this trend…

Gourmet spaces in a mansion

gourmet area in mansion

Gourmet areas in mansions are a luxury.

So, if you like this footprint, opt for more neutral and light colors that will look great.

Glass-covered gourmet spaces

glass cover

The glass covers are great for those who enjoy being outdoors and having light, because they serve as protection against rain and thunder.

Gourmet area with monochrome decor

monochrome decoration

This trend is on the rise, as it brings a diverse and contemporary idea. How about getting inspired?

Gourmet spaces with stones

stone barbecue

The stones are responsible for bringing a very rustic style to the gourmet space. So, if you’re watching this trend, abuse it because the space is much prettier.

Gourmet spaces with antique decor

gourmet space with antique decor

At first glance, antiquity was portrayed as something old and worthless, but today it is possible to have a different perception of the subject.

Since the decoration and antique objects bring a more classic feel.

So, enjoy this trend!

Seaside gourmet space

Gourmet space with seaside decor

If you like the beach, how about creating a gourmet coastal space? Here’s the tip!

Fun gourmet space

Gourmet space with fun decor

If you like a cheerful space, why not invest in colors, because the stronger shades show a space with good energy…

So, if you like it, go there and use the colors, because it will be beautiful!

Gourmet spaces with brick walls

Gourmet space with brick decor

Bricks are in. So, how about using this rustic decor for your gourmet area.

Gourmet spaces with shades of yellow

gourmet space in shades of yellow

Who doesn’t like yellow? The color that brings joy and prosperity…


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