Gourmet Cuisine: Elegance and Practicality in 80 Photos

Gone are the days when the kitchen was in a secluded corner of the house where the cook was barely seen. Nowadays, as it is considered the heart of the house, the gourmet kitchen is gaining more and more space and integrating itself with other environments in the house.

Although they are similar in some ways, there are many differences between traditional American cuisine and gourmet cuisine. The latter usually overcomes the barriers of a wall or a division between the kitchen and another room, so that the cook is in the same environment as the residents or visitors.

In addition, the gourmet kitchen is more professional and can be indoors or outdoors.

On the other hand, the American kitchen is the most common in houses and apartments and is marked by having a small passage between the rooms and the dining or living room.

Whether indoors or out, there are some touches in the structure and decoration that make the difference between gourmet and traditional cuisine even more evident, such as the use of more professional counters, islands and appliances and a wider area to facilitate the preparation of meals.

So, to help you unravel the mysteries behind this style of cooking that’s been on the rise recently, we’ve brought you 80 photos for you to get inspired.

Gourmet kitchen outside

The recreation area is no longer composed only of a balcony or a little house with a balcony, a sink and a barbecue. Nowadays, gatherings with friends and family in a moment of fun demand a dish prepared with more refinement and variety and, therefore, a much more equipped environment is needed.

Here, the kitchens that are part of the structure of the house are also valid, but that have an integration with the external environment, being separated by glass, a large sliding door or even a counter.

As a result, socializing will be much more fun and safe while parents watch the kids playing in the backyard or pool.


Here it is worth using creativity without moderation, for those who like old-fashioned food, a stove or wood oven can be excellent options for planning the construction. Another tip is for those who usually have lots of friends, is to put a bigger fridge in the outdoor gourmet kitchen to accommodate all the guests’ drinks.

Regardless of the size of the available space, providing a place for people to settle down is essential in any room in the house, and the outdoor kitchen is no different.

In case of limited space, it is worth putting up a counter with some high stools. On the other hand, if the available footage is favorable, a large table with chairs or benches will be perfect for a big family meal.

As it is located on a balcony or an open area, when furnishing your gourmet kitchen, it is important to choose items that will not be damaged by exposure to the sun or the calm. Therefore, a table, a counter or other rustic wooden furniture are the most requested.

Decorating Tips for the Gourmet Kitchen

A wild card for decorating any room in the house, including kitchen decor, is the plant. That’s because it offers the freshness of the countryside and its colors contrast with a more neutral color environment.

There are several ways they can be distributed in the gourmet kitchen: in large and decorated vases on the floor, small and delicate on the table or even suspended.


Shelves are also requested to compose the decoration of the room, however, if it is in an open environment, it must be decorated with heavy items or fixed to it so that they do not fall during a wind.

This rule also applies to those who like to decorate their environments with paintings.

Image 1: Gourmet kitchen with wooden walls and counter.

Large outdoor gourmet kitchen with bar and wooden round table.

Image 2: Outdoor area with gourmet kitchen with wood oven and barbecue.

Outdoor gourmet kitchen with glass ceiling.

Image 3: Gourmet kitchen with stone-lined wall.

Outdoor kitchen with built-in cooktop and barbecue on the bench.

Image 4: Gourmet kitchen decor with blue details.

Outdoor kitchen with wood oven and glass door.

Image 5: Modern kitchen decorated with chandeliers and plants.

Outdoor gourmet kitchen with wooden counter and gray chairs.

Image 6: Gourmet kitchen with wood cabinet.

Gourmet kitchen decorated with niches and plants.

Image 7: Outdoor area with barbecue and gourmet kitchen.

Kitchen with barbecue and decorated with colorful tiles.

Image 8: Sink hidden behind the kitchen counter.

Gourmet kitchen with sunken sink on a half moon counter.

Image 9: Kitchen on a balcony facing the pool.

Kitchen separated from the pool by a glass wall.

Image 10: Kitchen with two wooden tables.

Large kitchen with two wooden tables decorated with flower pots and plants.

Image 11: Kitchen with lamps, barbecue, counter and black cabinets.

Kitchen decorated with directed lighting.

Picture 12: Rustic kitchen with wooden ceiling, counter and floor.

Gourmet kitchen with two-door refrigerator, stove and hood.

Image 13: Gourmet kitchen on balcony with dining table.

Outdoor kitchen decorated with potted plants and flowers.

Image 14: Kitchen with suspended wood to house decorative lamps.

Outdoor gourmet kitchen with barbecue and wood stove.

Image 15: Bench with patterned accent decorating the gourmet kitchen.

Kitchen separated from the house by glass doors.

Image 16: Kitchen equipped with barbecue, wood stove and sink built into the counter.

Gourmet kitchen decorated with exposed brick.

Image 17: Large outdoor gourmet kitchen with counter stools and dining table.

Kitchen separated from the outside area with sliding doors.

Image 18: Outdoor kitchen with wooden cabinets and stools.

Gourmet kitchen in an open outdoor area.

Image 19: Gourmet kitchen decor in green and woody tones.

Outdoor kitchen with island, counter and stools.

Image 20: Kitchen with cooktop and barbecue under a hood.

Kitchen with glass walls separate the stove and barbecue from the rest of the counter.

The right environment to be part of gourmet cuisine

It is increasingly common to see kitchens integrated with the dining room, isn’t it? If you have a project to have a gourmet kitchen at home, this is even easier. That’s because the very idea of ​​having this room already gives the impression of an open environment and one that stays in contact with the residents who are in another room of the house.

However, it is almost natural that we want to delimit spaces, even if they are two integrated environments. Therefore, one benefit of the gourmet kitchen is that your own counter or island can separate the rooms.

Table integrated to the counter

Joining the dining room with the gourmet kitchen is even easier when the counter or the island is made-to-measure, making it possible to make an annex that serves as a dining table. But, if you already have your favorite table at home, you can leave it glued to the counter, this will ensure a greater union between the environments and allow guests to stay closer to the hosts while preparing the meal.

Joining of spacious environments

On the other hand, if you’ve got plenty of room, why not put up bar stools and a large dining table for decorating?

Whether round, square or rectangular, the shape of the table can vary according to the residents’ preference, the item that will draw attention here are the chairs and stools.

Colored detail

If you like a more serious environment with neutral tones, it’s worth combining the models and accent colors.

But if you want to guarantee a touch of color, it’s worth choosing colorful stools with different models than the chairs. As a result, the atmosphere will be more relaxed and cozy.

Image 21: Gourmet kitchen with mirrored cabinet integrated with the dining room.

Dining room decorated with large vase of flowers on the table.

Image 22: Dining table beside the gourmet kitchen island.

Dining room with futuristic white chairs.

Image 23: Gourmet kitchen with small counter and two stools.

Small kitchen with built-in counter niches.

Image 24: Dining table planned around the kitchen island.

Integrated gourmet kitchen with dining room with table around the island.

Image 25: Gourmet kitchen with round glass table.

Stools and chairs made of the same coating and round glass table.

Image 26: Integrated gourmet kitchen with wooden table and black chairs.

Kitchen and dining room with stools and chairs in different colors.

Image 27: Gourmet kitchen decor with chairs and stools in the same color.

Kitchen and dining room combining chairs and cabinets.

Picture 28: Large kitchen decorated with neutral colors and lots of plants.

Kitchen and dining room divided by a stone counter.

Picture 29: Dining room integrated with kitchen with three identical chandeliers.

Gourmet kitchen with island, wooden table and three futuristic chandeliers.

Image 30: Large dining table integrated into the kitchen counter.

Wooden dining table chairs with white and floral upholstery.

Image 31: Dining table and counter illuminated with black suspended lamps.

Kitchen and dining room joined by an island with a table.

Image 32: Solid wood dining table in gourmet kitchen.

Dining room with rustic table integrated with the outside kitchen.

Image 33: Gourmet kitchen dining table decoration with two styles of chairs.

Kitchen counter and dining table decorated with potted plants and flowers.

Image 34: Integrated kitchen with dining room decorated in dark colors.

Planned wooden table around kitchen counter.

Image 35: Integrated kitchen with dining room with white chairs.

Kitchen integrated with dining room decorated with suspended lighting.

Image 36: Kitchen and dining room decor in white and woody color.

Dining table decorated with plants and white chairs.

Image 37: Integrated dining table made of the same material as the kitchen counter.

Dining table integrated into the gourmet kitchen counter.

Picture 38: Dining table with black stools matching counter and kitchen cabinets.

Integrated kitchen with dining table and wooden benches with black upholstery.

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Picture 39: Integrated kitchen with large table with black chairs.

Kitchen decorated with vase of flowers on the table.

Image 40: Integrated kitchen with dining and living room.

Gourmet kitchen separated by a large counter from the living room.

Gourmet kitchen with island

Sharing the gourmet kitchen with the other rooms with an island offers several benefits to the environment, such as the feeling of spaciousness and freedom, as people can move freely around it.

Basically, it is characterized by a balcony that is in the center of the room. Previously, this add-on only served as a support bench, to cut food or support anything that was going to be used that did not fit on the central bench.

However, nowadays with the help of architecture and engineering, it is possible to build in a cabinet and even some appliances such as a cooktop or sink so that it becomes even more functional and practical for preparing large meals.


The kitchen must be the brightest place in the house, after all, it is important to be aware of a different color in the food or even an unwanted dirt. So, if you already own or have a plan to have a gourmet kitchen with central support at home, the suspended lamps and chandeliers are great choices.

Besides being useful, chandeliers and lamps are very important items for decoration. Therefore, to make your gourmet kitchen much more elegant, a tip is to use more modern and futuristic models that will give an air of refinement to the environment.

Covering a gourmet kitchen with central support

The older gourmet kitchen islands were part of the room’s furniture, so most were made of wood with only a countertop made of glass or stone.

However today there is a much wider variety of coatings that can be used in this important part of a gourmet kitchen. Its structure can be of bricks with a planned cabinet or with different types of stones such as marble, for example.

A novelty in the covering market and which can also be used to make a central support in the kitchen is Stone. It has an acrylic base that creates the effect of noble stones and can offer a rustic elegance to the room. Also, it is resistant to high temperatures, which is ideal for the area.

If you plan to match the flooring of every room in the house, the one used in the gourmet kitchen may also be in keeping with your Decorated Bathroom.

Image 41: Kitchen with marble-lined island.

Kitchen island flooring with marble stone, cooktop and round sink.

Image 42: Central support of a gourmet kitchen integrated with a wooden table.

Gourmet kitchen with suspended "L" lighting on the counter.

Image 43: Gourmet kitchen with white cabinets, built-in appliances and central support.

Kitchen with support and built-in oven in the cabinet.

Image 44: Sink built into minimalist kitchen island.

Kitchen decorated with stools with transparent accents.

Image 45: Kitchen support with sink and cooktop.

Stainless steel countertop in gourmet kitchen.

Image 46: Rustic and antique decor in a gourmet kitchen.

Medieval style kitchen decor with niches.

Image 47: Kitchen with custom cabinets in dark brown color.

Central kitchen support with open space for two stools.

Image 48: Kitchen with counter space.

Kitchen decorated with planned cabinets and central support.

Image 49: Gourmet kitchen with central support illuminated with two chandeliers.

Kitchen with white central support counter.

Picture 50: Kitchen with blue cabinet and stone counter.

Gourmet kitchen decorated with two chandeliers.

Image 51: Small central support made of wood and with two stools in the kitchen.

Gourmet kitchen with small central support counter with two stools.

Image 52: Central counter covered with stained stone, sink and wooden benches.

Gourmet kitchen decorated with the same coatings as the countertop.

Image 53: Kitchen decorated with white central support matching the environment.

Large kitchen with sink built into the central counter.

Image 54: Island with integrated cooktop and oven and lowered wooden counter.

Kitchen decoration with three suspended lamps.

Image 55: Kitchen with cement hood and sink.

Gourmet kitchen with built-in oven, cooktop and hood.

Image 56: Central kitchen counter illuminated with four chandeliers.

Gourmet kitchen with built-in oven and counter covered in neutral colors.

Image 57: Gourmet Kitchen Island with counter, cooktop and hood.

Kitchen island with cooktop and drawers.

Image 58: Kitchen with lowered counter built into the central support.

Small kitchen decorated with white 3D wall.

Picture 59:  Kitchen decorated in gray color with counter.

Kitchen with gray cabinet, sink and cooktop.

Image 60: Red kitchen center support surface matching cabinets.

Kitchen with red central support and seven stools.

Gourmet kitchen with built-in appliances

What was previously a modernity offered only to the most financially advantaged, today they are available to any kitchen that has planned and resistant furniture to receive this type of item: the built-in appliance.

The fashion started with the launch of cooktops, with that the gourmet kitchens that have a more professional characteristic saw the need to have an oven. Therefore, to simulate the structure of a conventional stove, it is possible to place an oven built into the furniture just under the cooktop.

On the other hand, other appliances were also gaining space in this modern environment, such as microwaves and even refrigerators. As a result, with the help of an architect, the environment will be more versatile, practical and with a more organized appearance.

Pay attention to the measurements of the furniture

When planning a gourmet kitchen that has built-in appliances, it is very important to pay attention to the measurements of both the cabinet in which it will be inserted and the appliance, because the sizes of the latter can vary according to the product brand.

Therefore, in case there is any error, the device will not fit or will be loose in the middle of the furniture, which will cause difficulty in cleaning and the aesthetics of the environment will be harmed.


Another important tip for planning a gourmet kitchen with built-in appliances is to create secret points for appliance maintenance cases. The most used forms are holes in the bottom of the cabinet, removable panels or small doors that give access to a pipe, for example.

Image 61: Black gourmet kitchen with built-in appliances in an integrated environment.

Kitchen decorated with black built-in appliances.

Image 62: Gourmet kitchen decorated in neutral colors, built-in appliances and potted plants.

Minimalist kitchen with built-in ovens centered on the wall.

Image 63: Appliances embedded in custom kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen with dark lining and appliances built into the cabinet.

Image 64: Kitchen with yellow details and an oven built into the cabinet.

Kitchen decorated with different stools and chairs.

Image 65: Kitchen with built-in cooktop on the countertop and oven in the cupboard.

Small room with two-door refrigerator.

Image 66: Kitchen decorated with neutral colors and built-in cooktop, oven and microwave.

Fully planned kitchen with a dishwasher hidden in a cupboard.

Image 67: Kitchen decorated with blackboards and a fixed ladder to reach the upper cabinet.

Gourmet kitchen with cookptop and oven built into the same countertop as the sink.

Image 68: Kitchen decorated in dark colors and appliances built into the cabinet.

Kitchen decor with dark cabinets and built-in microwave and oven.

Image 69: Black appliances built into a wooden kitchen cabinet.

Large gourmet kitchen with built-in island cooktop.

Image 70: Planned cabinets accommodate the built-in appliances.

Kitchen equipped with cooktop, dishwasher, oven, microwave and refrigerator.

Image 71: Kitchen with appliances arranged vertically.

Small kitchen with vertically built-in appliances and gray cabinets.

Image 72: Kitchen with appliance built into the island and the cabinet.

Integrated gourmet kitchen with dining room and appliance and island sink.

Image 73: Kitchen decoration with black custom cabinet and built-in appliances.

Gourmet kitchen with black cabinets and niches.

Image 74: Classic style kitchen decorated with chandeliers, painting, rug and fireplace.

Medieval kitchen with large wooden island.

Image 75: Small gourmet kitchen with oven and cooktop built into the cabinet.

Kitchen decoration with built-in oven and cooktop.

Image 76: Small gourmet kitchen with a hollow counter and two stools.

Small kitchen decor with suspended lighting on the counter.

Image 77: Gourmet kitchen with dark furniture and built-in appliances.

Simple gourmet kitchen with gray and black cabinet.

Image 78: Small gourmet kitchen decorated with built-in countertop cooktop.

Kitchen decoration with built-in oven in the cabinet and cooktop on the counter.

Image 79: Gourmet kitchen with white cabinets and silver and black appliances.

Room with white cabinets and gray island.

Image 80: Appliances built into cabinet and kitchen counter.

Small kitchen with cooktop on the counter.

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