Granilite: What is it, Advantages, Disadvantages, Tips, Applications and 60+ Photos?

A hit in old homes, granilite is making a comeback. So, with the presence of fashion in projects for homes, commerce and corporate rooms, it is making its presence felt in construction after years.

It is a resistant material that was widely used in the 40s. So, nowadays it has become a trend, a landmark in 2021 decorations. It can even be used in wallpapers decorating the four corners of your home.

In this way, granilite once again conquered environments with glamor and practicality. In addition, the material has an impressive durability and its return is transforming the decor of new homes, apartments and offices.

Imagem 01: On the rise, granilite is nowadays one of the darlings among architects and interior designers.

granite on the wall

What is granilite?

It is a type of monolithic floor, it has no marking joints. Furthermore, it is formed by a mixture of cement, sand, water and minerals such as marble, quartz and granite. However, it can be of different colors, it is even possible to add dyes to the mixture, and the minerals give a different color to the granilite.

You can coat floors, walls and countertops with granilite. However, if it is well prepared, it can last up to 40 years. But for this you must be careful with abrasive and chemical products.

Image 02: There are several colors to be able to create amazing and well-differentiated environments.

granite colors

In this way, beauty is combined with durability. So, all the glamor of the 40s can be back on your walls, floors and countertops. In addition, it is a great option with a different cost, but it is a product that resists time.

Your living room, toilet, bedroom, can have a retro feel through the granilite. You can also transform your room with a futuristic touch, adding new colors to the granilite. Your home will be beautiful with the return of this mixture that was so famous in ancient times.

Image 03: It can be easily present on floors, composing very modern decorations.

decorated floor

There are several types of granilite, we highlight the polished one, which is a super smooth, waterproof surface. It can be used on countertops, counters and covering walls.

Fudge granilite has as its main characteristic the roughness of its surface, and can be used on floors, bathrooms, in places where there is more humidity, as it is not slippery.

Image 04: Already on the wall, it gives an extra charm and enchants everyone who sees it.

baby room granilite

Advantages of Granilite

Among the advantages of granilite stand out its durability, the amount of available colors and its resistance to abrasion and water. It is a versatile product that can offer comfort combined with weather resistance.

It is waterproof and can be used throughout the house. It can be polished after a while and look like new. The cost-benefit is one of the advantages, as the product, if well made, can last for decades.

Image 05: This piece can still be combined with the tones of the walls. So look at this example.

kitchen floor with granilite

It is practical, being very easy to clean. With a cloth and water you can make the granilite like new. Ease of use is impressive making its success greater for having this advantage.

Granilite is impact and scratch resistant. The beauty of the product will hardly spoil. The mixture contains a beauty that stands out, transforming the environment with practicality and comfort. It will hardly spoil, break, or stain.

Image 06: Contrary to what many people think, granilite is not that difficult to be produced.

The different forms and mixtures of granilite can bring a retro or modern look, depending on the products you use. It is a great diversity that can make your home look like you, however you want.

Granilite is not only versatile, it also allows wall and countertop coverings to make the environment more harmonious with the furniture, combining with them through various colors.

Image 07: Not only decoration of sinks, walls and floors, but granilite can also be present in beautiful pieces of decorative items. So see this idea applied to plates, vases and cups.

decorative items

Disadvantages of Granilite

The disadvantages of using granilite are the price, the need to hire a specialized professional, and the delay in applying it.

The price is a little more expensive, but the durability can pay off. The need to intervene again in finishing the floor is minimal. Besides being very cute.

Image 08: Even with its disadvantages, its application is beautiful and full of charm, being very worthwhile.

decorated dining room

It is necessary to hire a specialized professional to do the job well. Not just anyone can make granilite. This makes the job more expensive, but with a good job, the disadvantage becomes an advantage.

The application delay can make the work longer. It involves several steps and everything needs to come out in such a way that the floor is the same. It is recommended that the work stop while the granilite is applied, so as not to soil the mass.

Image 09: For applications on stairs it is also wonderful. So how about making the whole environment with granilite? From the stairs as well as the walls? So look at this result.

ladder and wall with granailite

The floor is cold, so it is recommended that granilite be used as a coating in warmer areas. Also, it can be slippery, so it is not used on bathroom floors or near damp areas of the house.

If any area has to be broken, there will be a difference between the new floor and the old floor, so it is necessary to make a correct application and complete the service without major problems.

Image 10: As it is a somewhat smooth floor, for access ramps it is recommended for when there is not so much inclination so that the car does not slip.

external granite floor

Tips on where to use granilite

Granilite can be used throughout the house, polished in living rooms, bedrooms and Fulgent, which is more abrasive, in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas. However, on the walls that you don’t have to worry about falling over, the polished version is used a lot, which makes cleaning practical.

Granilite can also be applied to parts of furniture such as counter bases, benches, table tops and even kitchen countertops. In this way, you invest in durability and beauty in your furniture, as well as in the floor and walls of your home.

Image 11: In beautiful bathroom countertops and its walls are a complete charm. You can also use it on the floor outside the wet area of ​​the box to avoid accidents.

gray decorated bathroom

However, if you want to use granilite in damp places, the installation of non-slip strips is recommended, ensuring the safety of anyone passing over the floor.

However, to obtain a rustic appearance on the walls of the residence, Fulgent coating should be applied, and you can even add colorants to choose the color that best matches the wall you want.

Image 12: But how about applying it around your home?

outside floor

Granilite should be avoided in contact with products that can be aggressive to it. Stronger chemicals should be avoided as they can scratch and stain the surface.

Therefore, to clean the surface of the polished granite, only a damp cloth is needed. On floors, the surface must be dried to prevent tipping. In Fulgent, you should clean with a broom and scrub the surface with a sponge or brush.

Image 13: For men’s decorative backs it is also suitable.

boy room

Granite Applications

However, the application of granilite should be done on any curved or flat surface. Thus, the polisher can be used in areas such as floors, walls and countertops. Fulgent should be used in wet and humid areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, laundry area and outdoor area near swimming pools.

Image 14: Apply on kitchen counters.

kitchen countertop

Decorating Tips

To leave the environment with more energy, colored granilite is used, giving the place a stronger mood. You can also combine the surface color with the furniture color, making them more harmonious.

In addition, you can combine the granite floor with the ceiling color, providing a more modern look to the environment. Granilite can be used to get a more rustic, retro and even modern place. It all depends on the imagination and the mixes that will be made.

Image 15: Make fun details in lavatories.

bathroom decorated with granite

With granilite you can make your home look like you, your way. It is a very versatile material that provides a clean and bold look. Plus, it’s very easy to clean. Thus bringing practicality to your home.

Granilite surfaces last much longer and can be polished, recovering air again, transforming the look and appearance. That way, your home will look beautiful with this coating. So use and abuse granilite.

Image 16: Play with colors and shapes.

decorated kitchen

Photos to inspire

Image 17: Make reading benches.

reading bench

Image 18: If you don’t want to do full wall, bet on half wall.

colorful kitchen

Image 19: Match pillows with the wall.

granite in the room

Image 20: Use basic elements to highlight the granilite.

vintage bathroom with granilite

Image 21: So see more of this example.

floor decorated with granilite

Image 22: Bet on beautiful decor elements with this technique. Here the ornamental plants are beautiful.

decorative granite vase

Image 23: Even in commercial establishments it can be used.

decorated restaurant

Image 24: Dark tones give a very sophisticated look.

modern bathroom with granite

Image 25: Give your room a very romantic designer.

room decorated baby tone

Image 26: Your reading corner can also be quite charming.

reading canteen

Image 27: For baby rooms it is also well suited.

decorated baby room

Image 28: For study corners or home office.

home office with wall and granilite vessel door

Image 29: But in bathrooms they give that air of incomparable grace.

well decorated bathroom

Image 30: Headboards are a real charm.

decorated bedroom wall

Image 31: Bet on tables and benches too.

granite bench

Image 32: Tone on tone of paint and granilite.

charming green toilet

Granilite in the kitchen

Image 33: Bet on the same information as the wall, also inserted in the floor.

colored granilite

Image 34: Make sinks with a high pediment to decorate.

vintage kitchen

Image 35: See a very colorful idea to decorate and a cleaner one.

ideas to get inspired

Image 36: Bet on combining the wall with the decorative elements, including counter details.

various elements with granilite

Image 37: See more this amazing idea of ​​composing the wall with the sink.

pedimentless granite sink

Image 38: Even in the cleanest kitchens the result is magnificent.

high pediment

Image 39: But you can also dare a lot more.

decorative granite

Image 40: The important thing is that everything is to your liking.

small details in the kitchen

Image 41: Learn to combine colors that can be used to soften the granilite design.

same floor and wall

Image 42: However, other colors give full emphasis to these pieces.

blue kitchen

Image 43: In addition, some are still able to maintain the perfect balance between the pieces.

kitchen countertop and wall with granilite

Image 44: Have a killer bench.

kitchen countertop with granilite

Image 45: Give a unique beauty to that standout wall.

granite gray wall

Image 46: Bet on the combination of tones.

red wall with green cabinet

Image 47: Leave your kitchen alive.

kitchen with the same floor and wall

Granilite in the bathroom

Image 48: Amazing bathrooms can be created with this element.

decorated bathroom

Image 49: Break white with granilite pigments.

colored floor

Image 50: Earth tones become a delight.

mirror area and granite and wood floor

Image 51: Harmonize your bathroom.

granite bathroom floor

Image 52: Bet on making carved vats with the same information as the wall to make the place very noble.

countertop and wall with the same color

Image 53: But how about using this more opaque color?

bright bathroom with granilite

Image 54: You can also bet on smaller pieces to be settled.

pink bathroom

Image 55: Cover walls and animals with this material.

granite on the wall and niche

Image 56: The shades of gray make the bathroom a real charm.

bathroom decorated with granite

Image 57: Salmon matches any color.

salmon decorated bathroom

Image 58: Bet on darker tones.

granite wall

Image 59: Make an L with the granilite.

granite floor and wall

Image 60: Finally, work with colors and make your bathroom amazing!

bathroom with granilite

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