Green Roof: Understand how it works, types, benefits and get inspired with 70 unusual images

Sustainable architecture or bio architecture, these are the synonyms that define the green roof. Also known as eco-roof, the concept of this type of roof goes beyond vegetation.

Did you know that all roofs that feature solar panels, white paint with high reflectivity emissivity or shingle tiles are classified as eco-roofed?

As you can see, the roof vegetation layer is not unique to be categorized as a green roof. The most suitable concept for this type of roof that we are going to deal with in this post is the green roof with vegetation.

Follow this article and understand everything about this sustainable architecture model. A strategy full of advantages in the world of sustainability that you will see here.

And also be inspired by unusual images with beauty integrated to nature in architectural projects that will mix landscape elements with construction such as country houses.

Image 1: The green roof has many benefits that make it a sustainable option, in addition to being possible to optimize the spaces covered by vegetation.

green roof on country house and grassy soil

How does a green roof with vegetation work

The use of natural resources is no longer a trend and becomes a necessity for the maintenance of the planet. For this, it is essential to respect the environment as a whole with ecological actions without negatively impacting innovative projects such as green roofs.

The green roof not only makes the house look beautiful and connected with nature. It also brings incredible benefits such as internal temperature control and other advantages that you will see throughout this article.

Did you know that the constitution of the green roof is made up of seven layers of different materials to preserve the structure of the building and keep the plants alive?

Image 2: Here it is possible to understand the process of each step for the assembly and functioning of the roof.

image of the assembly process with illustrated steps

Assembly process

The first is the base for mounting the green roof, the roof or slab itself. From there, a sequence of layers is applied. Are they:

Waterproofing Layer

Synthetic blanket to create a waterproof membrane to prevent and protect the slab from infiltration and mold.

Root blocking retainer plate

Barrier that holds the roots of naturally growing plants to prevent the roof from being damaged.

Drainage system

Drainage layer composed of gravel, pebbles, clay or polystyrene draining blanket to drain water.

Permeable fabric layer

It is a filtering layer to retain particles and absorb rainwater.

Earth layer

Applied on top of the waterproof fabric layer, the earth layer must be prepared to receive vegetation.

Vegetation layer

And finally, the earth modules that come ready-made with vegetation or plants. It is also possible to plant vegetation or plants directly in the soil layer.

Image 3: In this image you can clearly see the process of the layers that make up the green roof, how they are laid out and how they work.

layers that make up the eco-roof

Main types of eco-roof with vegetation


Designed to support a greater variety of plants, this type of eco-roof allows for a wide variety and volume of vegetation. The height of the plants can vary between 15 to 40 cm.

This type of project requires more care and maintenance as it is heavier. Its thickness can reach 20 cm.


This type of roof is thinner and lighter with a maximum of 8 cm of lining. The height of the vegetation varies from 6 to 20 cm. Maintenance is much simpler and more economical, but it doesn’t involve much flow of water from the rains.

There are other types of extensive roofing that can be designed to decorate pergola structures with plants and create a hanging garden outside your home.

Image 4: Check in this image the assembly process of the eco-roof with modules composed of soil and vegetation.

roof with earth and vegetation modules

What are the benefits of green roof?

  • Natural thermal protector that blocks heat and lowers internal temperature;
  • Retention of rainwater for reuse;
  • Decrease in the entry of external noise, forming a natural layer of sound insulation;
  • Reduces pollution with air filtration;
  • Natural regulator of indoor humidity;
  • Protects the roof from storms, reducing the need for maintenance;
  • Increases the feeling of contact with nature in cities.

Image 5: The advantages of this type of sustainable design balance the relationship between human beings and nature in controlling the internal temperature.

yellow house with green roof gate and tree front

Complementary tips for installing green roof

In addition to the types mentioned above, there are other varieties of green roof. It is even possible to hire specialized companies to carry out the entire planning and execution process of your eco-roof.

It is very important to evaluate the structure of the building and the type of tile that makes up the roof to support the weight. In this case, only a specialist in structure is the one who will be able to provide precise guidance on its construction.

Ideally, the type of vegetation and plants chosen to create a roof garden are native, hardy and easy to maintain in relation to irrigation and pruning.

Therefore, it is essential that access to the roof is facilitated for the maintenance of plants and vegetation as a whole.

Image 6: In this project, the construction integrates with the landscape, the green camouflages the house and has a gutter system to drain water for reuse.

Eco-roofed with gutter for water drainage

64 Architectural images with green roof designs with vegetation

Image 7: The green roof unites the landscape and an automatic irrigation system that facilitates the maintenance and care necessary for this type of roof.

front garden green roof and glass walls and automatic irrigation system

Image 8: In the middle of the city, the green roof favors the climate and the internal temperature, creating a pleasant environment amidst the concrete.

house in a residential neighborhood with glass walls and eco-roof

Image 9: In this architectural project the green roof was integrated into the walls giving a feeling of camouflage, isn’t it?

house with green roof and wall

Image 10: This rustic-style house gains a very special charm and integrates very well with the landscape.

white rustic wooden house with green roof and stones on the side

Image 11: The green roof in addition to making the environment more fresh and airy with this roof with plants that forms an incredible thermal layer in this space connected to nature.

chosen in a wooden house surrounded by trees

Image 12: Now let’s go to architectural constructions with more sophisticated designs. In this image, for example, the waterproofed slabs show us how this green roof model can store rainwater or even house large swimming pools.

geometric slab house with green roof and swimming pool

Image 13: Ecotelhado is sustainable and will contribute to the environment leaving your house as unusual in every angle as this architecture of the future.

green roof in space lawn architecture of the future

Image 14: The connection of the landscape with the garden and the roof creates the feeling of infinity that blends the elements of nature with the house.

green roof big house with beach on the horizon

Image 15: Notice how the green roof is mixed with natural materials such as wood, stones, logs and integrates with the topography of the place connecting with the landscape.

house in nature with green roof and stone walls with garden

Image 16: In this modern project the green roof joins the ground in a ramp. Creates an outdoor environment and lookout over the house.

green roof ramp with gazebo

Image 17: That childhood dream of the tree house, the green roof, in addition to contributing to the good functioning of the environment, makes any project exuberant.

green roof mountains of pegs

Image 18: Now we are going to show images beyond the installed green roof with land and drainage. There is also this variety made only with plants, such as vines that are perfect in pergolas and gazebos.

pergola green roof and beautiful gazebos

Image 19: Can you imagine your outdoor area with a green roof gazebo? Simple and connected with nature.

green gazebo roof

Image 20: The use of plants is an excellent option to give it extra charm, as you can see on this green roof lined with lavender, imagine the perfume!

lavender green roof

Image 21: The green roof can be installed even in the simplest places easily and affordably. It looks charming in any external environment in your home, ideal for those looking for harmonious spaces.

green flowered ceiling in wooden pergola

Image 22: Even on simpler projects you can build a roof by recycling and using natural or alternative materials.

aedicule of trunks of walls with wood and eco-roof

Image 23: This example of a container with a wonderful sustainable and practical green roof that will help to regulate the temperature of the indoor environment.

green roof in front flower garden container atelier

Image 24: The green roof, in addition to being accessible and practical, can also be used to cultivate your suspended vegetable garden. It will leave your project charming and also contribute to the environment.

green roof with garden at home in nature

Image 25: The green roof fits in all spaces. Combines very well with this florist giving a very special charm to the environment.

flower shop with garden eco-friendly

Image 26: Your pet will really like this idea, the green roof will help with temperature, sound insulation and will bring comfort to him.

green roof pet house

Image 27: If you’re not ready to have a house with a roof, you can venture into smaller projects like this charming house for your pet.

chosen pet house in the backyard

Image 28: Interesting to show that the green roof can be suitable in any type of residence. This is not an exclusive project for large architectural constructions.

green roof on the porch rural house

Image 29: Yet another inspiration for economically viable constructions. With a lot of creativity, you can have a roof with a layer of vegetation to make your home as cozy as this outdoor area.

green roof outdoor area with pool

Image 30: When talking about bio construction, vegetation helps in water drainage as you can see in this image the channeling system for water drainage.

Eco-roofed with pipe for water drainage

Image 31: Now let’s show a little more unusual projects, like this one in total connection with nature where green camouflages a large part of the house.

house camouflaged in vegetation

Image 32: The green roof works in projects of all sizes, from pergolas to large buildings, bringing sustainability to all audiences.

green roof wooden house with front garden

Image 33: You can use a multitude of plants for this green lining and play with the different vegetation textures to get the result that best suits your project.

chopped on the sides with an internal central garden without cover

Image 34: In this case, the use of natural resources makes up the structure of these houses amidst nature and the roof once again camouflages and integrates the construction.

three wooden houses camouflaged in green vegetation

Image 35: In this image the advantages in temperature regulation, sound insulation and increased biodiversity are easy to imagine, isn’t it?

flowery eco-chop wavy structure green area

Image 36: The eco-roof is also a great option to bring a bit of nature to many places. From now on, we will see how this sustainable project interacts with urban centers with charm and sustainability.

green roof urban bus stop

Image 37: It’s an amazing solution for big cities as these hanging gardens form a super pleasant environment amidst the concrete.

hanging gardens on steps on the sides of buildings in the city

Image 38: The green roof is widely applied in architecture to connect nature and sustainable projects in large buildings, whether to implement a garden or a suspended vegetable garden in urban centers.

large building in an urban center with green roof slab

Image 39: A hanging garden within this context amid large buildings makes the landscape beautiful and pleasant. Amazing the versatility of this project, right?!

chosen in a large building among buildings

Image 40: Yet another example of how the green vegetation on the roofs is functional and elegant like this beautiful garden suspended between the buildings.

terrace urban space garden with various flowers on grassy soil

Image 41: Returning to unusual and modern architectural projects. Here, the green roof is a breather for nature and an extension of it, like this large construction that integrates with the landscape without conflict.

large house with green roof overlooking the sea

Image 42: A layer of vegetation like this roof allows for milder temperatures, sound insulation and will contribute to the environment. It’s also great in spaces like this garage.

modern architecture in a garage with green roof and front bike

Image 43: The natural green vegetation integrates with the roof, composing and uniting this house with glass walls to the landscape.

house integrated with glass walls in mountain and roof of vegetation

Image 44: Green roof vegetation can also be used in just a few rooms of the house with flowering plants.

green roof at home with tall grass

Image 45: Another modern architectural design with green roof to provide a more natural air helping to control the indoor climate and soundproofing as well.

rectangular house modern design green ceiling

Image 46: The walls can also form a unique element like this green roof covering that makes the environment more fresh and airy.

green roof integrated into the wall

Image 47: The green roof is the solution when it comes to affordable sustainability, you can apply it in different types of materials and adapt according to your project.

green roof container house by the river

Image 48: Another proposal for small spaces is this flowery roof design, you can use a variety of plants to create a charming garden.

small house wood green flowered ceiling

Image 49: The green roof can accommodate an immense diversity of plants, vegetables and flowers like this mosaic of textures and colors.

plants and vegetables on a green roof in maintenance and care

Image 50: Another image that demonstrates the versatility of the eco-roof that can be applied both in rustic buildings and in bold architectural projects such as this super modern condominium.

green cube glass roof in a condominium with several identical houses

Image 51: In this construction with a wooden structure, the great ally is the green roof that gives an extra charm to this project.

wooden shed with green roof and hanging plants

Image 52: Building houses with grass-covered roofs is an excellent option for those who want to save energy by reducing the need for cooling.

house refrigeration and lawn cropping

Image 53: With these new ideas about sustainable architecture, the green roof is becoming very common. See how this house, despite being small, is super modern and integrates very well with the greenish tone of nature.

small rectangular house with eco-roof in the middle of nature

Image 54: Here the green roof becomes an extension of the garden and serves as a leisure space.

chosen with people sitting on

Image 55: Another inspiration for small constructions. Beautiful and economical, the green roof can be made with different materials, techniques and plants.

small wooden house with flowered roof

Image 56: This green roof is an example of the semi intensive variety.

semi intensive green roof

Image 57: And this plethora of plant species in this roof garden, here the textures and colors mix creating a beautiful landscape, isn’t it?

green roof in colorful wooden house garden

Image 58: Here we have an example of green roofing, these boards receive the substrate and drain the water giving support to the plants.

chosen at home with hanging garden and people over

Image 59: Note how the green roof on this house blends in with the landscape making it significantly integrated into the environment.

green roofs with plants in a beach house

Image 60: Another inspiration of how the green roof connects cities with urban gardens being a perfect practical solution.

green roof in a building with an urban garden

Image 61: Another model of eco-roof with diverse and colorful vegetation to inspire.

concrete house with flowered roof

Image 62: This architectural model amidst nature results in a beautiful landscape united to the environment.

wooden house with double roof

Image 63: German architectural style, this project was perfectly integrated with the building colors and flowering vegetation.

German-style house with colorful green roof

Image 64: Another example where colors mix and cause this beautiful visual impact and super connected with the environment.

rustic style house with roof garden

Image 65: Here the wooden windows in a yellowish tone blend very well with the vegetation of this roof, don’t them?

green roof on wooden house in the countryside.

Image 66: The green roof can be an extension of your play area like this hanging garden.

eco slab roof for leisure

Image 67: Another green roofing option as a perfect solution for keeping the house warm and optimizing the space.

Green roof on slab

Image 68: Ecological condominiums are a luxury with these super modern geometric structures, don’t you agree?

eco-friendly residential condominium with ecotour

Image 69: This variety of eco-roof fits very well in this construction with this hanging garden and benches suitable for enjoying leisure time.

green roof on big building with big trees.

Image 70: To conclude, we chose this building with a green roof with extensive trees that form a square due to the vastness of the vegetation and the lighting poles. Beautiful isn’t it?

suspended square in a large building with lamp posts

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