Hanging Garden: How to Make Yours and See +60 Inspiring Photos

The hanging garden is a perfect alternative for people who love plants, want to use them in decoration, but don’t have much space in their home or apartment. Also known as vertical gardens, this type of garden allows you to cultivate a beautiful green space even in places where, apparently, it was not possible to place plants.

Of course, making and maintaining a hanging garden requires a series of care to ensure that the plants placed in it will develop in the best possible way. Choosing the best location and the correct species are some of the important precautions to take when creating your hanging garden. We’ll talk more about them later in the text.

In this text, we’ll also tell you how to use this garden in your decoration and we’ll give you some tips on plants that adapt well to vertical gardens, in addition to showing some shapes and materials to make yours.

What to Know Before Making Your Hanging Garden

Some care is essential for you to be able to make a hanging garden and keep it always beautiful, with live and well-developed plants. The first step is to choose the place to install your garden.

The choice of location is essential and will determine many things, such as the shape it will have, the material that will be used and which plants you can put in your garden. It is essential that this chosen location is illuminated. Whether in the kitchen, living room or outdoors, it is important for the health of your plants that the place receives a good amount of light. We will also show in this text some ideas for a place for you to install your vertical garden.

Another point you should know before planning your hanging garden is which plants are most recommended for this use. You will need to find out which species adapt well to this shape, how much light they need and how they are watered, i.e. how often they should be watered. Having this information will help you know how to maintain this garden.

In addition to these two points, another important issue to be resolved is the choice of material that will be used to build this hanging garden. It can be made of a pet bottle, built on wire, on a pallet, among other materials.

Image 1: Beautiful shelf full of plants!

garden suspended on shelves

Where to install your hanging garden

As we said, choosing the location where your vertical garden will be installed is extremely important. For it to become another beautiful element in the decoration of your home or apartment, it is important that the flowers and plants are beautiful, well cared for and developed. For this, you should choose a well-lit place, where it is easier for most plant species to grow.

Hanging garden in the living room

The living room is always the highlight room in a house, where we receive visitors and meet with the family. A vertical garden can add extra charm to the environment, giving more life to the room. Even if the room is small, this type of garden fits very well in the decor, being ideal for smaller spaces, as it abuses places such as shelves, optimizing space.

Hanging garden in the kitchen

It is also very common to see vertical gardens in kitchens. It can be a perfect space for you to set up a vegetable garden, for example, and always have spices and fresh herbs close by. Just avoid placing the hanging garden in a very stuffy place, as this can hinder plant development.

Hanging garden in the bathroom

Image 2: Here the plants were hung on wooden stairs, bringing a rustic feel to the bathroom.

Garden suspended in bathroom

The bathroom can be the perfect environment to have a garden. This is usually a room with more humidity, which helps the plants to develop. Pay attention to the amount of light.

Outdoor suspended garden

Whether on a balcony or in a larger backyard, the hanging garden can be a good alternative to make your outdoor area even more beautiful and alive, optimizing space. A good tip is to put it on a wall next to a swimming pool!

Vertical garden in the bedroom

This is a great way for you to get your room full of plants. The decoration of a room can be even more beautiful and modern with such a garden. It can be installed with a wire mesh, on shelves or with pallets.

Materials for making a vertical garden

Your vertical garden can be built from the most diverse materials. Below are some that are very easy to use.

Wooden suspended garden

Image 3: In this reference, hanging plants such as philodendrons and pythons on wooden shelves were used.

vertical garden on shelves

Wood is beautiful when used in gardens and its color is perfect to contrast with the green of the plants. It doesn’t have to be a fine wood to be used for this purpose. You can use pallets and fair crates to build your hanging garden. Just use a base and nail the wood.

Pet bottle suspended garden

This is a practical, sustainable and inexpensive idea. You can reuse the pet bottles you already consume on a daily basis. Make a cutout in the middle of them to make room for the plants. Bottles can be secured with nylon string or wire. This material is best suited for outdoor environments.

Garden suspended in wire

Do you know those wire mesh that are often used to surround and protect environments? They can be very useful for your hanging garden. Simply attach them to a wooden stand and hang the vases on it with hooks. Perfect!

Garden suspended on concrete blocks

There are often materials left over from the construction of our houses. Concrete blocks are great materials for building a vertical garden. Just stack them in an interesting way and plant the seedlings in the holes they have in the middle.

Best plants for hanging garden

Image 4: In this example, we see that cut flowers hanging on a wooden ladder were used, bringing a romantic air to the environment.

flowers suspended on wooden stairs

After choosing the material you will use to make your vertical garden, it is time to choose the garden plants you will use. To help, we’ve separated five species for you to get inspired and start your garden.

Money in bunches

It has this name because its leaves have a rounded shape. It takes up little space and is a plant that can be used as a pendant. Its maintenance is also simple. Just keep your solid moist and don’t let it get in direct sunlight.


Pepperonis also have hanging foliage. There are several types of this plant, each with a shape and color. It’s also perfect for indoors as it doesn’t like direct sunlight.


This is a delicate and easily adaptable plant. It needs warmth, moisture and light to develop. However, direct sun is not indicated.

Boa constrictor

This is a very common plant in landscaping. She is a type of vine and has plants of different sizes and varied color. Unlike the others we talked about, it does well and develops without problems in sunny environments.

Now see over 55 examples of hanging garden and get inspired to create your own!

Image 5: Another beautiful example of hanging plants being used to form this suspended garden in a bathroom.

hanging plants in bathroom

Image 6: A dry branch can be used to hang your plants, creating this distinctive look.

plants suspended on dry branch

Image 7: Straw baskets and shelves were used to create this green environment in the bathroom.

bathroom with hanging garden

Image 8: In this inspiration, we see another environment using a wooden ladder as a support for the hanging garden. If your bathroom is lit like this, a fern like the one in the photo is a great choice, as it loves light and humidity.

plants suspended in light bathroom

Image 9: Hanging garden composed of beautiful chokedamps compose a modern and green environment.

kokedama in hanging garden

Image 10: Another beautiful example of chokedamps being used to compose a vertical garden.

kokedamas in vertical garden

Image 11: See how this modern shelf stood out with these beautiful plants.

Vertical garden on shelf.

Image 12: Wooden slats secured with sisal rope were used to support the plants in this vertical garden.

Vertical garden of wood and sisal.

Image 13: Hanging plants, such as the boa constrictor and monster adenosine, and plants such as the pile and the mini Adam’s rib, were used to compose this vertical garden on wooden shelves

vertical garden on wooden shelf

Image 14: Monochromatic wire mesh and vases were used to create this modern vertical garden.

Garden in black wire mesh.

Image 15: A simple boa constrictor vase was used to create this beautiful effect on the door.

Door with hanging plant,

Image 16: This time, the wire mesh was used as a support to create this green wall effect, using plants such as hanging asparagus, fern, philodendron, deer horn, maidenhair, among others.

wire mesh as plant support

Image 17: Hanging garden using the pearl necklace plant creates a differentiated effect.

hanging garden with pearl necklace

Image 18: A wire mesh installed next to the stair rail gave this beautiful result.

Garden in stairs.

Image 19: White shelf used as a support for plants.

white shelf with plants

Image 20: Structure of clothes rack and macramé were used to create this hanging garden.

hanging garden clothes rack

Image 21: Pallet structure on the wall brings a rustic air to the suspended garden.

vertical garden on pallet

Image 22: Suspended garden with boa constrictor and wooden stairs, bringing charm to the environment.

hanging garden with boa constrictor

Image 23: Macramé’s make up a Bohol style hanging garden and can be used in various places in the house.

hanging garden with macramé.

Image 24: Steel ropes and wooden shelves make up this beautiful hanging garden.

garden suspended on wooden and steel shelf

Image 25: Brass support and earthenware vases in the kitchen can add more charm to the room.

kitchen with vertical garden

Image 26: Black and white Macramé’s bring modernity and elegance to the environment.

hanging garden with black and white macramé

Image 27: Beautiful wooden structure used as a vertical garden.

 wooden structure used as a vertical garden.

Image 28: With only a support attached to the ceiling, simple vases and ropes, it was possible to make this beautiful hanging garden.

Hanging garden in the living room,

Image 29: Pendant philodendrons attached to the wall were used to compose this vertical garden.

Hanging garden

Image 30: In this example, we see a beautiful combination of brick and wood with the green of plants.

Shelf garden,

Image 31: See how the simple installation of these three pendant plants changed the whole environment.

Hanging plants on top of a kitchen counter.

Image 32: Beautiful and simple hanging garden.

Simple hanging garden.

Image 33: See how these beautiful crates look beautiful hanging with ropes and with plants inside.


Image 34: It is not only with hanging plants that we can make our vertical garden. This inspiration uses succulents in pots and white shelves to bring a modern feel to the room.

vertical garden with succulents.

Image 35: Maranda’s and hanging plants were placed across the stairs.

Stairs with plants,

Image 36: Hanging plants attached to the ceiling create an interesting effect on windows.

plants suspended in window

Image 37: Beautiful support full of plants and attached to the ceiling.

Support with plants,

Image 38: Beautiful wooden support, combined with white macramé. Beautiful!

Support with plant,

Image 39: Beautiful macramé with hanging plant giving this room a lot of charm.


Image 40: Beautiful wooden support, with plants of different species.


Image 41: Once again, wood proves to be the perfect material.

Wooden vertical garden,

Image 42: See how beautiful this example of a garden, with several hanging plants.

Hanging garden with hanging plants.

Image 43: On this veranda, the hanging garden was installed on a wire panel, with hanging pots.

Vertical garden in balcony.

Image 44: Optimizing space and taking advantage of every place in the small room, this garden was made with macramé’s hanging from the ceiling.

Garden suspended from the ceiling.

Image 45: Another example of how to use a clothes rack to create a beautiful garden.

Vertical garden in clothes rack.

Picture 46: The wooden shelf with plants made all the difference in this simply and elegantly decorated room.

Shelves with plants,

Image 47: Outdoor area with several hanging gardens, which make the environment even more beautiful!

Outdoor area with hanging garden.

Image 48: Another plant inspiration that can become a frame for the door.

Plant to door.

Image 49: Simple garden, made with crates and placed on the wall.

Vertical garden with crates.

Image 50: Beautiful contrast of the blue wall with the green of the plant and the metal of the wire, which supports the garden.

Garden made of wire mesh.

Image 51: To make this garden, wooden windows were used, which were used as support.

Hanging garden made with wooden windows.

Image 52: See how this vertical garden brought even more beauty to this beautiful porch.

Balcony with hanging garden.

Picture 53: Only with clay pots and simple wooden shelves this beautiful garden was built.

Vertical garden made of clay pots and wooden shelves.

Image 54: In this example, we see a more modern alternative: clay vases with a metal frame.

Metal suspended garden.

Image 55: Beautiful inspiration for people who prefer a more laid-back look!

Vertical garden with iron supports.

Image 56: Look how beautiful this wall is all of greens.

Vertical garden.

Image 57: See how your room’s decor works very well.

Shelf with plants.

Image 58: Simple garden, but still makes all the difference in the decoration.

Wood panel with plants.

Image 59: Simple and practical way to make your garden using a pallet.

Pallet with plants.

Image 60: In this garden, the preference was for dark green plants. Very stylish!

Garden with dark plants.

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