House Facades: + 36 Photos and Ideas to Get You Inspired

Modern, simple, clad, colorful… There is no shortage of house façade styles to choose the type that you like best. After all, the facades of the house are the calling card of your address.

In addition to the coatings and materials chosen to compose the walls, the windows and doors also contribute to the appearance of the house’s façade. Thus, we separated some inspirations from all types and styles of facades.

House facades: architectural elements

House facades with modern elements such as orthogonal lines, glass, pivoting door and exposed concrete.

house facades

For architecture lovers, looking at the facades of houses is more than a hobby. In principle, it is the main indication of the style, beauty and construction method of the residence.

First of all, note the choice of elements such as exposed concrete, which brings a more modern look to the façade, while bricks refer to the most rustic and welcoming houses.

Another indicator of modernity in constructions is the chosen window model . Thus, the wooden models recall colonial houses, more current models, such as PVC, bring a more contemporary look.

So, we look for some types of house facades and elements that are striking in each style to help you choose the constructive type that you like the most.

Also remembering that the external architecture of the house needs to decorate with the style chosen for the interior architecture. If the outside area is going to have a modern and sophisticated look, the same style needs to be present in the internal space too, ensuring balance and visual unity.

Types of House Facades

Widely propagated in the last century, Brazilian modernism was consecrated in the mid-1970s, with names like Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Badi and Lucio Costa.

Derived from the Bauhaus (institution of arts, design and architecture created in Germany in 1919), the style was known for its orthogonal lines, the use of concrete, glass and steel was constant in architectural constructions.

The borrowed modern style continues to be a trend in constructions until today, however, with a more contemporary look, with lighter colors. At the same time, it continues to work with orthogonal lines and glass.

Concrete house facade

Concrete is one of the favorite elements of those who like a more brutalist and modern architecture – while they are characteristics that are still very popular in the environments. Check out some facades that bring this modern look.

A facade with four stilts and chamfered concrete mark the modernist house signed by the office 3.4 Arquitetura .

Modernist house, with stilts and concrete.

Two-story house with exposed concrete finish and glass windows and straight lines that evoke modernism.

Modern-style home with concrete as a highlight

Facade with concrete, exposed bricks and metallic tiles in blue, while showing that it is possible to build on sloping terrain. Signed by the architect Thais Aquino

Two-story house in which concrete is highlighted.

The facade of this cube house brings a mixture of steel, concrete and also the white wall, so the responsible architect guarantees the modern look to the construction.

Casa Cube brought white, black and exposed concrete as the main items.

The wooden brises they make are used in contrast to the concrete in this façade of the house designed by architect Mário Biselli.

House facade: Wood and concrete - infallible duo in houses designed with a modern style.

This house was made with sustainable, affordable and efficient elements, such as concrete and glass. These materials brought lightness and light to the house.

Concrete and glass were a super modern combination.

Contemporary house facade

In contrast to the concrete that was present in modernism, modern houses with a contemporary style work with elements that ensure lightness, such as light tones.

However, the orthogonal lines, the volumetry and the glass are still present in today’s modern buildings. In short, the dark gray of concrete gives way to lighter tones, such as white, fendi and off-white. Anyway, look how beautiful these images with facades of modern houses .

The responsible architect brought a contemporary architectural project, with its straight lines and overlapping volumes. In short, it brought harmonic balance, with colors like white and mirrored glass.

The architects played with volumetry in this house façade project.

The cube house, as this type of architecture is known, brought the timeless black and white duo. Wood is present in the pivoting door.

Cube house with black sashes and straight lines.

A mix that worked for this sophisticated house facade: ordinary glass, mirrored glass and modern coating.

Contemporary architecture on this facade.

The responsible architects wanted to insert a differentiated volume for the project, so they bet on the angulation of the façade, which was perfect for that.

The striking angle of this façade is an architectural highlight.

The straight lines, white-framed windows and off-white tone throughout the façade ensured the contemporary look for this beach house on the São Paulo coast.

Contemporary style house on the coast of São Paulo.

Facade with wood

Versatile, wood gives the facade an uplift. When present in windows, they can bring a more colonial look. However, when used in panels, they bring a modern look to the facade.

As it is a natural element, it can damage in contact with the weather – be it rain or sun – so it asks for the right treatment so as not to harm the appearance of the house’s façade. In this way, nautical varnish is one of the most suitable materials for preserving the wood exposed in the external area.

See some facades that brought wood in a modern way, while not ensuring a farm look for the outdoor area.

The cantilevered façade in this residence is super modern, and it also has everything to do with the metallic structure as well as the wood in this 800 m² house in it.

House with cantilever architecture.

Wood is present in two different ways on this façade: on the roof and on the panel that works as a partition. Therefore, by having openings, the panel allows ventilation.

Wood is present in this house with a stunning view.

Modern house, cantilevered, while wood is featured throughout the façade.

Storey facade where wood is the big difference.

The patio house, in São Paulo, brought a naturalist look, in short, it brings wood, stone and concrete materials to the façade.

Single storey facade that mixes wood and concrete.

Simple house facades

For those who have a tighter budget and cannot invest in materials such as wood or glass, but want to have a surprising façade as a house’s business card? We help you.

Lack of cladding is no excuse for a dull house facade. That’s because the architectural design can contribute, and a lot, to a nice look, without having to invest in more expensive elements.

The proof of this were these house facades that we separated to show that it is not because there is no money that a person needs to leave an ugly house. After all, simplicity has nothing to do with beauty!

Small and simple house facades

The small houses one story can bring a different look on the facade. Elements such as color, architecture, windows and doors contribute to the facade’s look.

We look for some references that show that simplicity has nothing to do with bad taste and that the façade of the house can be simple and beautiful!

Smart mix: simple scissor roof, wooden doors and windows and a beautiful garden. In short, it brought a bucolic look to the one-story house façade.

Bucolic facade in a simple one-story house.

The one-story house is discreet, however, it brought a detail of hydraulic tile in blue that is highlighted in the composition.

House facade: Print formed by blue hydraulic tiles.

The 175 m² one-story house from the 1950s was renovated with the purpose of serving a couple and two daughters. I brought the brick and even a vine.

Brick and climbing plants set the mood for this fully renovated 1950s house.

The gate hides the house, ensuring security for the residents of this one-story house. Therefore, it ensured a simple look for the facade.

Simple and current architecture.

One-story house facade, with elements such as wood and roof cutout.

Single-storey house with a simple look.

Simple two-story facade

Houses tend to make better use of the space on the land, in short, the rooms are usually built on the top floor, ensuring greater privacy for the intimate area. On the ground floor, there is usually a living room, kitchen and laundry area.

For these constructions, the facades can also be simpler, but the look is not lacking for that. We’ve gathered some nice references that show that it’s possible to have a simple but beautiful house!

For sure, the high-end manor house brought a surprising façade, and didn’t even need large elements. White reigned in the construction signed by Solingen Clio.

Facade of a house where white is the main protagonist.

Sobrado has a simple but beautiful facade! I brought two tons of beige in the composition, which went really well with the front garden.

Gorgeous two-story in two tones of beige.

Simple house facade, without major construction elements, but it was so cute! Thus, the volumetry was the architects’ bet to guarantee an even more passionate look.

House facade with a simple but beautiful look

One trick to transforming any simple house facade is painting. Here, two shades of green were chosen for the composition. Note that the lime green still has white friezes.

House facade with two shades of green.

Simple house facade where the windows and door are the big difference. In this way, white prevailed on all the walls, ensuring a simple and minimalist look.

Simple facade in white.

Facades of colored houses

Colors are always welcome in architecture. It can be light tones or vibrant nuances, but seeing a colorful house facade along the way is surprising.

For those who love using color, we brought inspiring facades, which show that it is possible to use color on the house’s facades without sinning for excess.

House facade with colors on the walls

House facade in lilac. Highlight for the gutters painted in yellow, the duo brought a beautiful look to the simple house.

House facades with color on the walls: Lilac draws attention in front of this manor house.

Turquoise blue is the highlight of this house façade. As well as the wood present in the doors.

House facades with color on the walls: Turquoise blue is featured on this facade.

Burnt red was used in this facade of the house, as the wooden windows and black grating contribute to the composition.

House facade: Burnt red was the choice for this facade.

The azure blue almost blends with the sky in this beautiful facade. So, in order not to disturb the look, the choice was to use white windows.

Sky blue house facade.

Another example where blue was the right choice to compose the facade. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? However, here the choice was for black frames.

Blue facade with black-framed windows.

House facade with colored windows

For sure, the colored windows make the house facade look very cool. The idea is perfect for anyone who wants to be daring in the composition with vibrant and very cheerful tones. Check out some beautiful photos.

Beautiful composition with blue wall and yellow window are the highlight of this construction with scissors roof.

The house's facade was chosen in blue with yellow windows.

The window frame was painted in blue as a counterpoint to pink. Perfect choice by interior designer Erika Karuk.

Pink was the choice for the wall of this house with bricks and a blue window.

The façade of the house was highlighted with the wall, as well as having wine windows in the composition.

Blue house facade with wine windows.

As well as the pale blue of the windows, the color pink is also beautiful in the facades of the house. Thus, the mixture of colors ensured a romantic look for this address.

Pink house facade with light blue windows.

Yellow house facade with blue windows and construction details. Furthermore, the combination brought a colonial atmosphere to the façade.

House facade: Yellow house

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