House in L: +80 Project and Plan Inspirations

Designing an L-shaped house can be the ideal solution to make better use of the land space and create privacy for the outdoor area that will be embraced by this L.

You can check below several projects, plants and houses that used this format to create green areas, create space for swimming pools and gardens with gourmet areas.

Home decor in L

Home decor in L can vary from the style you want to print in your home, from classic models to more modern and contemporary models, the important thing is to think carefully about the function that this format will have and what space will be privileged with it.

The L-shape also allows you to separate private areas, such as bedrooms, social areas and those with greater circulation, in addition to favoring access to the outdoor area in different rooms and points of the floor plans.

Image 1: This classic style house has a floor plan that houses a garden with flowerbeds and a swimming pool.

white classic l house

Image 2: More minimalist in style, this house has a large L-shaped wooden deck surrounding the pool.

modern L-shaped house with wooden deck

Image 3: Unlike the previous one, this project chose grass to accompany the house plan, which has sliding doors to integrate the internal and external areas.

L-shaped house with lawn

Image 4: Another example where the internal area integrates with the outside, creating amplitude and several functions for the same environment.

l house with pool

Image 5: This house used the L plan to accommodate a gourmet area and a padded porch around the pool’s wooden deck.

L-shaped house with barbecue

Image 6: L-shaped, this house has a large swimming pool with lawn and wooden deck, the large glass walls provide clarity and breadth to the project.

modern l house

Image 7: With a large wooden porch that gives access to the pool, this house has glass doors that allow you to integrate the exterior with the interior.

L-shaped house with large wooden porch

Image 8: With a stone facade, this house has a beautiful lawn and an outdoor social area for socializing.

stone L house

Image 9: The wooden facade contrasts with the lawn and makes the house more sober and sophisticated.

L-shaped house with lawn and porch

Image 10: In this project, the L has an upper overlay, the pool in the same format has a walkway for the entrance to the house.

l house with l pool

Simple L house

Designing in an L-shape can be simple and functional, the goal is always to optimize and make the best possible use of the available space on the ground. Regardless of whether it is large or small, the plant must meet the needs of the residents.

Below we’ve separated large and smaller sized projects, so you can see how simple it can be to design your L-shaped home.

Image 11: Sumptuous, this house has an original design with hollow elements allowing natural light to enter the entire house, the lower part is fully integrated with the exterior and the landscape.

L-shaped house with hollow elements

Image 12: With a simpler style, this white house has a lawn and sliding doors that give access to the exterior side and allow natural light to enter.

minimalist l house

Image 13: One- story house with a simple floor plan and neutral colors, the small balcony allows for socializing on the outside of the residence.

simple black and white l house

Image 14: This small wooden house used the L-shape to create a small living space on the outside, delimited by the rustic ceramic floor.

black wooden L house

Image 15: In this residence, the L houses an outdoor living area with access to the lawn, the lowered roof has recessed lighting.

l house with lawn

Image 16: Spacious and airy, this house with large sliding doors and integrated into the outdoor area chose a neutral and sober color palette.

l house with white pool

Image 17: This beautiful country house has a porch with pots and a large lawn, the stone facade integrates with the landscape.

L-shaped house with stones and field wood

Image 18: Modern and sophisticated, this house has a large balcony with low ceiling and recessed lighting, the highlight is the asymmetrical staircase.

Minimalist and modern L-shaped house

Image 19: Another example of an L-shaped house that integrates the social area with the external area of ​​the house, the wood on the façade brings warmth to the project.

L-shaped house with large balcony

Image 20: With simple lines, this house chose the L-shape to house the pool with sun loungers, the result is modern and neutral.

L-shaped house with swimming pool and integrated living room

L-shaped house with balcony

One of the great advantages of designing an L-shaped house is being able to create space for a balcony and a green living area, and even space for a swimming pool or hot tub.

Balconies have been gaining more and more space in buildings as they are environments that allow the house to be integrated with nature and favor social interaction.

Image 21: Bold and original in style, this project has a sloping roof, a large external walkway and glass doors to integrate the exterior and interior.

L-shaped house with large patio and sloping ceiling

Image 22: On a higher level than the lawn, the house integrates a balcony and a swimming pool, delimiting the spaces with different floors.

simple L house with swimming pool

Image 23: The gourmet area and the balcony are integrated with each other, while the interior of the house is preserved by the glass doors and curtains.

L-house with gourmet area

Image 24: With a concrete facade, this house used the L to integrate the leisure area with the internal area of ​​the house.

L-house with gourmet area and lawn

Image 25: L-shaped house covered in wood and large glass doors giving full access to the pool, the landscaping project has coconut trees, lawn and native plants.

wood-paneled L-shaped house

Image 26: With straight lines and neutral colors, this house has a porch and a large lawn. External lighting highlights the light floor.

L-shaped house with large lawn

Image 27: This house converges to the pool and to the balcony, as we can see, all rooms have access to the leisure area.

L-shaped wooden house with swimming pool

Image 28: Modern and sophisticated, this house has large light wood panels, the porch has a lowered ceiling and recessed lighting.

L-shaped house with pool and sun lounger

Image 29: The wood from the deck was also used for the panels and trims and bring unity to the project. The result is an elegant and timeless home.

L-shaped house with wooden deck and pool

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Image 30: Integrated with nature, this house chose a natural pool with a lake and stones to compose the landscape project.

L-shaped house with pool and natural stones

Image 31: Designed on two levels, this house overlaps the upper part reserved for the bedrooms, while the lower level is dedicated to leisure.

L-shaped house with glass wall

Image 32: With the internal area fully integrated with the external area, this house used the wooden panel to separate the private area of ​​the house.

L-shaped house with pool and wood panel

Image 33: Simple and clean, this project has a porch with wooden columns, a lawn and a swimming pool. Glass doors provide a view and access to the outside area.

L-shaped house with terrace and lawn

Image 34: Swimming pool and barbecue make up the gourmet area of ​​this residence, the large windows with shutters provide privacy for the internal area of ​​the house.

L-shaped house with pool and barbecue

Image 35: This project created a porch with a wooden deck and a social area integrated with the garden. The neutral color palette makes the environment elegant.

L-shaped house with wooden porch and open living room

Image 36: The wooden porch with white sliding doors give a country atmosphere to this house, the lawn completes the project.

sliding glass doors

Image 37: The large wooden deck serves to create and delimit the space for the leisure area, the glass doors favor natural lighting.

l house in burnt cement

Image 38: The L shape of this house has a recess that accommodates the outdoor living area and has access to the indoor social areas.

 lawn and sliding doors

Image 39: The use of wood in the ceiling and walls gives the rustic and modern tone of this house with an infinity pool.

modern with living and dining room

Image 40: Integrated with nature, this house chose to lower the ceiling with wood and black trim for the sliding doors.

l house with glass walls

Image 41: American kitchen and dining room integrated with the dining room and the outdoor area. The pool surrounds the house and has a lawn to delimit the spaces.

swimming pool and open dining room

Image 42: With highlighted lighting, this L-shaped house has a swimming pool in a modern and unique style, using a beautiful play of colors.

lighting and pool

10 L-shaped house designs

We have separated several projects in L-shape below so you can see that the options are many and that it does not depend on the size of the land or the plant that will be executed.

One of the greatest characteristics of L-shaped plants is to favor the integration of environments with the external areas and allow practically all environments to have access to the outside of the house.

L-roofed house

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Image 43: L design with garage, lawn, and landscaping project. The pergolas serve to shade the rooms with glass doors.

L-shaped house with garage

Image 44:  The large wooden panel with decorative lamps is the highlight of this project, the lower part of the plant was reserved for the social area.

L-shaped wood panel house project

Image 45: Designed with natural stone cladding, this house has large glass sliding doors, promoting integration with the pool.

L-shaped house design with swing net

Image 46: Ground floor and with a simpler plan, this project has a balcony with access to the internal rooms and connects to the pool.

L-shaped house project with pool

Image 47: With modern and minimalist lines, this project turned the entire internal social area to the large wooden deck with a swimming pool.

minimalist l house design

Image 48:  This bold project has a walkway above the main area overlooking the pool and gourmet area.

L-shaped house with balcony and pool

Image 49: This project bet on a pool of curved lines and a round bathtub, on one of the walls a vertical garden was created.

L design with round pool

Image 50:  The wooden columns make the design more rustic and combine with the wooden deck, the large green wall makes the atmosphere more relaxed.

porch projects from wood

Image 51: Modern and contemporary design, with sober colors, the pool is the central point of this house, which integrated the social area with the outdoor area.

modern house with pool

L-shaped houseplants

As we have seen before, L-shaped plans mainly seek to favor the creation of open spaces inside the land or balconies in the case of apartments.

Below we will see large, medium and small plants that opted for the L-shaped model to meet the most diverse needs.

Image 52: This one-bedroom plan integrated living and dining and favored a green space outside.

plant home a bedroom

Image 53: Of larger proportions, this L-shaped plant has space for two cars and an integrated social area.

two bedroom house plant

Image 54: This project used the L-shape to separate the social area from the private area, leaving room for a large leisure area.

floor plan 3 bedrooms

Image 55: The plan of this large residence used the L-shape to hug the pool, making room for a pergola and leaving the private area of ​​the house reserved.

l floor plan with pool

Image 56: Simple, but well distributed, this plant managed to integrate the American kitchen with the living room and used the corridor to make a home office.

floor plan house in l

Image 57: Here, the balcony follows the L of the plan, and is the main point of the house, where all rooms converge to this balcony.

floor plan there

Image 58: Large, this plant has a large social area integrating the dining and living room with a view and access to the balcony and the pool.

floor plan with wooden deck

Image 59: With good use of the land, this house has a garage for two cars and a swimming pool with gourmet area.

house plant with pool

Image 60: This floor plan turned what could have been a third bedroom into a TV room, and created a door to separate the suites from the social areas.

house plan with integrated dining and living room

Image 61: This house has four suites and a large social area with an integrated living and dining room, a TV room and a large balcony.

large house plant with pool

Image 62: The L shape of this house was used to accommodate the pool and wooden deck. Integrated dining and living room provide spaciousness.

L plan with garage in front

Image 63: Small, this proposal has the kitchen integrated with the living room and bedroom, the only room separation is for the bathroom.

Image 64: Segmented, this house chose not to use an open and integrated pattern, the kitchen is closed and where the dining room could be, a third bedroom was created.

floor plan for house project

2 bedrooms

The two-bedroom plan is the most used in standard apartments, it can meet the needs of a small or growing family and still integrate social areas to optimize spaces.

You’ll notice that small spaces that integrate the living room, dining room and kitchen become larger and more functional and are able to meet the various required functions, such as socializing, leisure and relaxation.

Image 65: Proposal with bedrooms and American kitchen integrated with the dining room.

L-shaped house plan for narrow plot with 2 bedrooms

Image 66: This plant has a suite with closet and home office and a smaller bedroom, the integrated social area favors coexistence.

L-shaped house plan with wooden floors and 2 bedrooms

Image 67: Simple floor plan, with two bedrooms, integrated dining and living room, small balcony and kitchen with laundry area.

two bedrooms and living room integrated in the house in L

Image 68: Another example of a simple floor plan with a social area integrated with an American kitchen, the differential of this floor plan is the suite.

living room and kitchen

Image 69: This project has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a dining and living room integrated with the American kitchen.

l small in plan

3 bedrooms

Designed for larger families, the 3-bedroom floor plans are among the most designed. In this type of plan, the added space of one more bedroom allows the family to grow without having to move or even accommodate all the existing residents of the house.

Below we selected with three rooms and suites and several configurations for the social area.

Image 70: Floor plan with three bedrooms, one suite, kitchen with pantry and separate living room.

large house plan in L 3 bedrooms

Image 71: Simple floor plan with 3 bedrooms, integrated dining and living room, laundry area, toilet and large circulation corridor.

large house plan in L 3 bedrooms

Image 72: This plan placed the social area in the center of the house, leaving the rooms and the suite at the ends, favoring privacy.

house plan in L with garage and 3 bedrooms

Image 73: OL in this project is created by the corridor and green area that leads to the service area, the suite was kept separate from the other bedrooms.

house plant in L with garden and 3 bedrooms

Image 74: This plant has a large green area with swimming pool and social area separated from the private area of ​​the rooms.

L-shaped house with pool, garden and 3 bedrooms

Image 75: The L shape of this project embraces the pool, the social area of ​​the house is integrated and has a single access to the outside area.

3 bedroom L-shaped house with pool and garden

Image 76: This floor plan has two balconies, one serving the gourmet area and the other reserved for the master suite.

4 rooms

Four-bedroom floor plans often require larger plots of land and more elaborate floor plans, as well as more bathrooms to cater for all residents and potential visitors to the house.

Most of the four-bedroom floor plans favor the integration of social areas with the indoor area, while the bedrooms receive more privacy.

Image 77: In this simple plan, the three bedrooms and the suite occupied an entire side of the plan, being separated from the social area.

4 bedroom house plan

Image 78: Floor plan with four bedrooms, gourmet balcony and social balcony, toilet, service area and kitchen.

4 bedroom house plan

Image 79: Simple floor plan in L with 4 bedrooms, living and dining room integrated with the American kitchen.

house with large space floor plan

Image 80: Proposal in L for a house with four bedrooms, dining room and living room.

house with separate gourmet area, floor plan


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