House Models: 102 Inspirations for Designing Your House

Owning a home is a dream of many people and building or renovating a new property is hard work. Therefore, the first step in preparing a project of this type is to choose among the existing models of houses, which will be done by you. The owner or owner of the property must choose the style that the house will have, what will be the material used, how many floors the house will have, among other fundamental details for the house to be designed.

It is important to emphasize that all this must be done with the help of qualified professionals, such as architects and engineers, who will ensure that the dream house is built in the best possible way, with professionalism and safety.

Image 1: Model of traditional house, made of masonry and with two floors. This is the most common model found in Brazil.

Two-story model house with gray and stone facade, American style.

Several other factors can influence the home model you choose. Therefore, make an analysis and find out which construction method and style are best suited to your needs, the time you have for the work and the resources you have available for the project.

To choose your ideal home and decide which model is right for you, we have separated more than 100 photos as inspiration. See and plan yours!

Masonry Houses Model

Image 2: Modern brick house with straight and geometric lines.

Masonry house, with differentiated architecture and gray facade.

This is the most common and most used house model in Brazil. It is widely used in medium or high-end projects. It offers more freedom when choosing the shape of the house and its materials are easily found

Picture 3: Masonry house with only one floor.

One-story house with vertical glass windows and front garden.

There is also the structural masonry, where the walls themselves are used as beams. It is the most suitable model for simpler or large-scale projects. To make renovations at home with this model, it is necessary to be more careful, so as not to damage the structure.

Image 4: Model of a high-end house, two floors, made with masonry.

Two-story model house with large glass windows and porch.

This model house requires a longer construction time and can result in a large amount of debris and material waste.

Image 5: House of high standard and sophisticated style.

Two-story house with sophisticated architecture, with a light façade and front garden

Wooden house models

Image 6: Model house built in wood, with three floors.

Three storey wooden house.

Image 7: Modern house with two floors and wooden structure, mixed with bricks.

House with modern architecture, with wooden structure.

Wooden houses are built from a prefabricated model. The main components are built in sheds and sent for assembly, which takes place at the construction site.

Image 8: House with a porch made with a wooden structure.

House with wooden frame on the porch.

Its construction takes less time and you will save as it uses lighter structures. This model offers even greater thermal and acoustic comfort and its maintenance and repairs are more affordable than other models.

Image 9: In this house with modernist architecture in straight lines, the entire facade was built in wood.

Three-story house with wooden facade.

However, you will be limited to pre-made models and the labor used to build this model of house is more expensive, as it is not so common in our country.

Image 10: Simple and small house, but with two floors and a balcony, all built with wood.

Simple model house, all built with wood.

House models with bare metal

Image 11: Super modern house, with apparent metal structure, matching the wooden ceiling.

Two-story house with metal frame and wooden roof.

This is a model house that has a steel frame, which may be visible, giving a different style to the property. In it, the closures and internal walls are generally made of masonry.

It is a model widely used in large houses and commercial buildings. Its construction is quick, but its labor is expensive and very specialized. Ideal for people who like more modern and industrial architecture.

Image 12: House with double height and a wall made of glass and exposed metal, which caused an integration between the interior and exterior of the residence.

Two-story house with all glass wall and metal structure.

There is also a similar house model, called Steel Frame (steel frame, in free translation into Portuguese). In this model, the house has a galvanized metal structure and closures with OSB boards, plaster ceiling, board, cement or compressed wood. Its construction is quick, but just like the traditional metal model, its construction requires extremely qualified labor.

You will also be able to choose the number of floors that your house will have, according to your need, space for construction or renovation and the available budget. Let’s talk about it now!

Image 13: House with bold architecture, which uses metal beams as a structure.

Modern house model, with exposed metal beams.

Image 14: Example of a house built with a Steel Frame structure.

House with metal structure called Steel Frame.

Image 15: House being built with an all metal structure.

House under construction, with metal structure.

One floor houses

One-story houses are not always small. Many people choose this model of home, as it facilitates movement around the home, in addition to enabling greater integration between the environments.

See some ideas to get inspired! You will notice that there are one-story houses in many different styles.

mage 16: Inspired by a one-story house, which has a modern façade with wood accents.

One-story house, fronted in straight lines.

Image 17: Model of a one-story house, with a modern structure and a stylish façade.

One-story house model.

Image 18: Example of a large one-story house, beautiful and stylish architecture, using wood and masonry.

One-story house with wooden doors and roofs.

Image 19: Yet another example of how a one-story house can be modern. This one even made a garden on the roof, which helps with thermal insulation.

One-story house with straight lines.

Image 20: Model of a one-story house with more traditional architecture.

Model of house with one floor.

Two-story houses

These are the most traditional and used home models in Brazil. They allow the project to be bolder, make larger environments and build a house with more rooms. It is important to think functionally where the stairs will be placed, so that they are well used, functional, and function as another item for decoration.

See these inspirations.

Image 21: Model of a two-story house, made of masonry and with two front porches.

Two-story model house with front porches

Image 22: Example of a two-story house with a pool at the back.

Two-story house with pool

Image 23: Model of a two-story house with a glass wall on the facade and a large porch.

Two-story house with glass wall on the facade.

Image 24: Model house with wooden gate.

Model house with two floors and wooden door,

Image 25: Two story house inspiration and large garage in front.

each of two floors

Image 26: Another two-story house inspiration with a more common architectural style.

Two-story house model with more traditional architecture.

Image 27: Model of a two-story house, where the second floor is underneath.

Different two-story house model

Image 28: Another traditional house model.

Model house on two floors, with two balconies and a garage in front.

Image 29: Two-story house inspiration with two-color facade.

Two-story house, with beige and gray facade,

Image 30: American style house model.

House with gray facade and white fence, American style.

Three-story houses

Three-story homes are less common and less popular. But still, this is a very used model for those who need more space. Generally, the third floor is an attic or a penthouse, without much room division. They are perfect places for creating home office and living spaces. For large families, this model works great!

See some examples.

Image 31: First inspiration for a three-story house with a lot of style.

Model of modern house with three floors.

Image 32: This house model resembled a low-rise building.

Image of a three-story house with modern architecture,

Image 33: Look what a different inspiration for a house with three floors!

Modern three-story house model.

Image 34: Inspiration for a 3-story house for those who like to innovate on the façade.

House with innovative structure

Defined the number of floors, you will have to define with the architect and engineer who will make and put into practice your project, what style will be used in your new house. There are houses with more modern facades and others with more traditional and even rustic facades.

Traditional or rustic house models

The more rustic or traditional models of houses are the ones best known to us. They feature a few different elements on the facade, are usually built with masonry and have one or two floors.

See these inspirations.

Image 35: Example of a house with a rustic model, in the German style.

Rustic house model.

Image 36: Super traditional inspiration of two story house with roofs with windows.

Traditional American-style model house with two floors and roof windows.

Image 37: Traditional brick house model.

Two-story house with gray facade.

Image 38: One-story house inspiration with a more traditional model.

One-story house background.

Image 39: American style house model.

American-style one-story house.

Image 40: This traditional house has only one floor, but it has plenty of space.

American-style one-story house.

Image 41: This model has a large garage in front and a balcony.

American-style one-story house.

Image 42: House inspiration with brick facade.

Two-story American-style house.

Image 43: Two-story house with yellow facade and black roof.

Two-story American-style house.

Image 44: Home inspiration with traditional model.

Two-story American-style house.

Image 45: This project used similarly colored roof and facade.

Two-story American-style house.

Image 46: House with front porch and two floors.

Two-story American-style house.

Modern house models

The most modern house models are those that architecturally draw more attention, due to their bolder style. They bring elements such as wood, glass and metal, different shapes, in addition to straight and marked lines.

See some photos of modern homes for inspiration!

Image 47: Super modern cube-shaped house.

Modern house model in cube shape.

Image 48: This house with modern architecture has straight and irregular lines.

House with modern architecture.

Image 49: House with straight lines, but also using wood and other elements.

Model of a modern house, with a large porch on the facade and a mixture of elements.

Image 50: Two-story house with two large towers forming the facade.

House model with differentiated architecture.

Image 51: In this model of house, the interior is all hollow.

Internal area of ​​a modern house,

Image 52: Home inspiration with a different format.

House with different format on the facade.

Image 53: Two-story house, with different architectural style.

Gray and white house, built with straight lines.

Image 54: This beautiful house is a great inspiration for people who like more daring models.

Modern house, which mixes elements in its construction,

Image 55: Model of a house with two large balconies in the shape of a house and an apparent metallic structure.

House with apparent metallic structure.

Image 56: Large hollow spaces and straight lines define the ultra-modern style of this house.

Two-story house built in straight lines.

Image 57: As in the previous image, this house was built with straight lines and many wooden elements on the facade.

Modern house with straight lines and wood,

Image 58: This project used a lot of glass and metal beams.

Modern house model with glass and metal on the facade.

Image 59: House without walls, all structured with metal beams.

Modern home interior with metal frame.

Image 60: Even with the air of a traditional house, this modern project takes advantage of a super high ceiling, with wooden beams.

Image 61: Model of house mostly made of glass.

Two-story house with glass wall.

Image 62: House model that looks like a wooden box with metal details.

Two-story house with an all wood and metal facade.

Image 63: This house made good use of the mixture of rustic and iron, becoming super modern.

Wooden house with exposed metal structure.

Image 64: From the pool area, you can see the entire modern concept.

Pool area of ​​a two-story house, all built in metal.

Image 65: Large iron moldings give all the charm to this house.

Modern house with two metal structures;

Image 66: Super modern one story house with roof garden.

House with only one floor and super modern model,

Image 67: Inspiration for those who like houses with innovative formats.

Image 68: Super high direct foot on this project.

Two-story house, with plenty of glass on the facade and high ceilings.

See some more house model ideas to get you inspired!

Image 69: Large house built in straight lines.

Two storey modern house.

Image 70: House with a balcony on the front.

House with a balcony on the facade.

Image 71: Beautiful project contemplating a large swimming pool.

Image 72: House with imposing iron beam facade, which brings style to the construction.

Two-story house with modern architecture and iron beam on the facade.

Image 73: In this house, the charm is due to the terrace on the third floor.

Two-story house with terrace.

Image 74: Model house with modern facade in black and gold and metallic elements.

Two-story house with black facade.

Image 75: Inspiration for a one-story house with plenty of space.

One-story house with ample land all around.

Image 76: Container-style house model.

Rectangular house similar to a container.

Image 77: Example of a house with a more traditional model.

Model of a traditional house, with two floors and a balcony,

Image 78: This house makes a more modern reading of a traditional model.

One-story house with garage and large window.

Image 79: Simpler house example.

Simple model and house.

Image 80: This project opted for straighter lines on the façade.

House model built in straight lines,

Image 81: In this model, the project highlighted the external view, placing this large all-glass wall.

Home interior with glass wall.

Image 82: Stone facades, like the one used in this house, add charm to the project.

House with stone facade.

Image 84: Design imitated more rustic model.

Rustic-style house in the middle of the forest.

Image 85: House inspiration with concrete facade.

Two-story house with concrete facade.

Image 86: Example of a country house porch.

Cottage porch with wooden roof.

Image 87: Small house, all built with wood.

All house made of wood.

Image 88: Inspiration for a home with more modern architecture, translated into straight lines and a mixture of elements such as cement and wood on the façade.

Two-story house with modern architecture.

Image 89: Another example of a balcony as an inspiration!

Exterior porch of traditional model house.

Image 90: Inspired by a three-story house that mixes traditional and modern elements.

House with three floors.

Image 91: Another example of a mix of styles.

Two-story modern house,

Image 92: House model with a more beach style.

House with a more beachy style.

Image 93: The roof of the house stands out and adds a touch of style.

House with roof on three levels.

Image 94: Beautiful inspiration for a sophisticated one-story home.

One-story house with a large terrace.

Image 95: Inspiration for a home with few walls and that values ​​the integration between environments.

Two storey house.

Image 96: House with modern architecture and ample outdoor space.

Outside area of ​​the house with pool and garden.

Image 97: House that mixes masonry and wood charm.

Masonry house with wood.

Image 98: Inspiration for two-story house.

Image 99: Model farmhouse style house.

Farm style house model.

Picture 100: Modern house with wooden facade.

House with wooden facade.

Image 101: House in the most traditional style with two balconies.

Two-story house with balcony on both floors.

Image 102: Models of a modern house, with a beautiful play of lights on the facade.

Two-story modern house,

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