Surely you’ve noticed that the walls of houses say a lot about their architecture, right?

Commonly, the walls of houses are based on the facade of the residence, seeking to use the elements that are highlighted in this stage of the project. This to bring even more harmony and sophistication to the external decoration.

Therefore, different types of elements are used for its elaboration, such as natural stones, porcelain, bricks, wood, concrete and many others.

That’s why it’s difficult to choose the ideal type of wall for your home without the help of a professional in the area.

Image 01: House walls can have several combinatorial elements.

house walls various elements

Ready to enter this vast world full of ideas and wall models for homes of all types, tastes, sizes and budgets?

So come now with us and get inspired by models and more than 80 photos of executed projects that we have selected especially for you. Check out today’s post!

House wall models

The wall and a house say a lot about her. Of course, it must be thought of according to the region as well. After all, the wall is a type of protection for the home.

But that’s not to say that it doesn’t need to be well designed and invested to look good, quite the opposite! Like the facade, the wall also needs to have the same elements present.

Image 02: Even at night, it is important to think about the elements that will enhance what could not be seen during the day.

house walls

However, in addition to the same elements that the facade has present, the wall needs to be valued in other ways as well. Good lighting to mark its details or even the vegetation that may come to your surroundings, deserve a highlight effect.

Image 03: So stay with this very simple example, but it can make a total difference to complement your facade.

house walls lighting

So, to better understand the types of existing walls, see below the most used models of external decorations.

Concrete wall

Image 04: This concrete wall was made with its pillars in a more classical way. However, it was enough to maintain the beauty of this facade.

cement house walls

Image 05: Even using a more retro element like this beautiful example of hollow concrete wall and light embossed engravings of arabesques, these models are still very successful in places that do not need such high walls.

decorative house walls

Image 06:  Super modern concrete walls give the charm that any residential façade complement needs. So take a look at this composition with white aluminum gate.

modern house walls

Image 07: For those who like more elaborate walls, how about this well-differentiated and modern concrete model to compose with your home?

house walls

Image 08: In the same way, the walls with burnt cement effect also inside the house can give a very cozy and beautiful air to your pergola. So just check out this idea below.

house walls burnt cement

Wall of houses with hollow element

Image 09: To give an air of softness and not load so much, mixing solid elements with hollow but decorative walls in the garden is beautiful to further demonstrate the beauty of the residence, especially in ground floor projects.

hollow house walls

Image 10: As said, it is not necessary to make the entire wall, just a detail with these elements for the charm to be guaranteed.

hollow element

Image 11: Merging the same design of the hollow element with plates with background and keeping the effect in 3D is a great solution to bring more privacy to the home and leave only the entrance gate area with external view.

house walls

Image 12: Anyone who likes color can use this item to give even more life to their home, combining the colors used on the façade. Then check out this beautiful example of a modern home with a geometric hollow wall.

colored hollow element

Image 13: The composition of hollow elements to other more natural ones such as wood and stones is a charm and you don’t have to be afraid to dare.

hollow element and wood

Low walls

Image 14: Even homes with higher ceilings can have low walls. However, it is important to analyze the security level of the location.

glass house walls

Image 15: It is not today that we have low walls as part of our projects. Even the most colonial ones were already using low walls even for street houses.

walls of old houses

Image 16:  And don’t think that low walls need to be made of solid elements and cement. You can also dare with formats, types of materials used. In this example that we’ve separated for you, the idea was to use wooden rods to make an entire wall in the hollow clapboard. What do you think of this idea?

wooden wall

Image 17: And again low walls are present in modern homes. Here, we have a beautiful example of very modern elements such as concrete, metal and wood to give all the charm that this facade needs.

wood and metal wall

Image 18: And the low walls with more rustic materials such as bricks in the style of abandoned industries can also be used and bet on to complement modern facades that need to be highlighted. So, just take a look at this inspiration below.

natural stone on the wall

High walls

Image 19: Here, we have the exceptional beauty of a high wall covered with stones and wood details to further enhance the essence of the beauty of natural elements.

wall lighting

Image 20: The combination of natural elements along the wall adds enormous value to the architectural project of the residence.

house walls

Image 21: High walls with a mixture of elements to enhance and with the addition of landscaping can receive a local lighting project to make their beauty even more evident.

stone in the wall

Image 22: One of the great balconies of a good wall design for homes is to integrate it into the façade of the house. See how the idea of ​​this add-on is highly valued.

wood pocelanate

Image 23: And to show that this integration is really beautiful, see another example in another house model.

house walls

Walls for houses with natural stones

Image 24: Even if the house does not have a rustic footprint in its context, betting on natural stones along with the vegetation can give an appearance never imagined to its façade.

natural stone and vegetation

Image 25: Very modern facades can also receive this type of house walls.

house walls

Image 26: And another beautiful, very modern example with caged stones.

caged stone in the wall

Image 27: Sidewalk stones can also be used

portuguese stone on the wall

Image 28: In the same way as more worked stones.

house walls

Walls with prefabricated elements

Image 29: The prefabricated cement in strips looks very elegant.

concrete strips

Image 30: Simpler walls can also be made with this material alone.

simple wall

Image 31: And those who like bricks, there are also pre-made models.

concrete brick house walls

Image 32: When finished they look very different.

painted house walls

Image 33: Even the painted boards are charming.

painted house walls

Walls for houses with wood finish

Image 34: Wood brings naturalness to any facade.

wooden wall

Image 35: This way, when worked in hollow strips, it promises lightness to the place.

strips of wood for wall

Image 36: Can still be used on walls as a whole.

slatted wood on the wall

Image 37: Solid models combined with vegetation give a graceful air.

dark maiden on the wall

Image 38: Perfectly matches modern architectural models.

wooden house walls

Porcelain coated walls

Image 39: With several models to choose from, the porcelain walls can even give a more rustic look.

porcelain with oxidized effect

Image 40: Or it can also be bet on 3D cladding models.

3D porcelain for wall

Image 41: However, when illuminated they form beautiful landscapes and backdrops.

Lighting enhancing porcelain

Image 42: So, don’t be afraid to mix porcelain with other elements.

house walls

Image 43: Bet on realizing details with 3D elements at key points.

wall with 3D porcelain

Walls for houses with plaster techniques

Image 44: These techniques are quite common on many walls.

house walls

Image 45: Not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

walls of houses with grafito

Image 46: In addition, it can also be used with other elements.

house walls with various elements

Image 47: And it is not necessary to perform these techniques on the entire wall, just a part to show is more than enough.

walls of technical plaster houses

Image 48: High standard residences can also be used.

walls of upscale houses

Photos of walls for houses to get inspired

Image 49: Wall supports can also be enhanced and demarcated with vegetation and high relief effects.

house walls

Image 50: No matter the designer of the residence, the wall needs to be part of your facade. In this case below, the idea of ​​lower walls was used to highlight the architectural beauty of the house, but always seeking to use the same elements to compose only a single piece of information.

house wall

Image 51: And once again we have the beautiful beauty of the walls made with hollow elements. Here, white pieces were used to match the modern façade and let wood and metal stand out.

wall with hollow element

Image 52: To bring an even more modern look and with that touch of delicacy to the facade, the use of a glass element next to the concrete, helps to take the weight off the elements. As with the façade, the wall was also made in the same way. So just take a look at this inspiring idea.

cement and glass wall

Image 53: Likewise, houses with high ceilings that have various information on their facade, like the one we see below, can also be merged with the main elements used in the house in its wall. Here, wood was used in hollow slats so as not to weigh the façade and a little concrete.

wood on the walls of houses

Image 54: Even the polished porcelain tile can be part of the stylized in your wall combining with the porcelain that imitates wood.

wall with polished floor

Image 55: More modern models that use cement and acetate bring total modernity to the wall of homes.

acetate and cement

Image 56: Simple, low walls add sophistication to one-story homes.

low wall house

Image 57: Bet on leaked elements both on the façade and on the walls.

house walls

Image 58: Once again a simple wall, but it brings the final detail that the residence needs.

round wall

Walls for modern houses

Image 59: Vegetation and different styles of walls in a single house.

house walls

Image 60: Here, a beautiful example of a wall that contributes to the modern façade.

stylized wall

Image 61: Another beautiful, very modern example that enhances the facade.

Image 62: The hominy as a prominent element.

wall with hominy

Image 63: Want even more modernity to be inspired by house walls? So just take a look at this idea that the architect had. Surely you’ve never seen anything like it.

modern wall

Image 64: Bet on simplicity combined with glass.

glass wall

Image 65: 3D elements following the fall of the street.

3D effect on the wall

Image 66: Once again, glass gives light to architecture.

house walls

Image 67: Do you like darker colors? Then bet on black granite and lighten the vegetation.

dark granite wall

Image 68: White combined with canjiquinha don’t have for anyone.

house walls

Rustic walls

Image 69: Large wooden doors for the entrance of houses and more rustic walls like this old brick footprint are a shot and drop for those who still want to add that complement with the more stripped vegetation.

rustic wall with brick

Image 70: Houses in the midst of nature also require walls that match their location. So, try to bet on natural elements such as stones that there is no mistake!

rustic wall with stones

Image 71: Beautiful clay bricks can also be used as rustically as possible to form beautiful walls. Here, there is no need to worry about perfect pieces, the bricks with imperfections and the cement that soils the grout is what will make this composition charming.

brick house walls

Image 72: However, using a mixture of stones with resin and wood to minimize porosity is a great tactic.

stone and wood house walls

Image 73: And for those who don’t leave pure rusticity aside, bet on caged gravel combining the wood.

stones and wood

Image 74: Total rusticity.

woods and stones

Image 75: Stone details and vegetation combine very well.

hominy for wall

Image 76: To give that contact with nature, the bet on natural stones along with vegetation is high.

natural rough stone

Image 77: Here we have a wall and most of the facade is made of gray stones.

house walls

Image 78: Look again: facade and wall with the same informational elements.

cement and stone wall

Image 79: Wood fillets are widely used for their affordable price.

hominy and vegetation

Image 80: So, finally, nothing better than betting on rustic walls with natural plants.

wall covered with plants

House walls must be well planned

Now that you know and have been inspired by several well-differentiated wall ideas for your home, let us know what your favorite style and material is!

And don’t forget to give us your opinion on what you think of these ideas and if you know or have already done any others, be sure to show them to us here in the comments so they can inspire other readers as well.


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