How to Beat Fear When Creating Your First Online Course

Beat Fear When Creating Your First Online Course

Hello how are you? I’m Rafael Carvalho and I want to speak especially to you who are still unsure, afraid to start, to take the first step in transforming your idea into a high-impact digital business.

But before I go on, I would like to say that if this is your case, don’t worry!

Feeling afraid is common in every entrepreneur’s life. What makes successful entrepreneurs different from those who get carried away by fear is the way they face the situation.

And that’s what I’d like to introduce you to throughout this content:
A new look at the fear we feel when we think about entrepreneurship.

moving on … I’m going to try here to get inside your head to imagine what your biggest fears would be to begin with.

I believe the first thing I would think about is being afraid of losing money, right?

This fear is totally understandable, I know that sometimes we don’t have any money left, and we are afraid to invest in something without the absolute certainty of the financial return we will get.

But what you need to understand, and even change your mindset, your mindset, is that you can’t just shoot yourself in the dark.

“Ah, Rafael, but what would it be like to shoot in the dark? “

It’s basically not planning for it.

You need to see it as an investment, not money you’ll spend and never see again.

If you’re thinking that everything is going to be a cost, you better not really start.

Of course, you will need to invest in a few things. But you need to invest in what’s essential for your business.

Maybe you have to invest in a camera to record your videos, recording equipment, anyway… you can try to optimize these costs if you plan, having a well-defined step by step on everything you tend to spend and from that set goals for you get your money back invested in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you’re afraid of losing money, you’re never really going to get where you want to go, because it’s just taking risks that you’re going to get where you want to go.

Of course, if you know what you’re doing, if you have a well-defined walkthrough, and not just shooting in the dark, you’re much more likely to make a good profit on the investment you’ve made.

It’s normal, it may hurt at first, but its part of it and in a short time I guarantee you can have a much higher return than what you invested. Beauty?

Another important point is the fear of wasting time. Time is one of our most valuable resources. You will never get back the time you invested in doing what you shouldn’t.

It seems that we are always out of time, out of time for family, out of time for ourselves, work consumes our day to day and we can’t do anything else.

And when in the midst of all this, do we still dare to dream of having our own business?

The real truth is that we sabotaged ourselves before we even started, we’ve already found a thousand excuses not to start. This is all because we are afraid.

I believe that everything is a matter of organization and setting priorities.

– Can you wake up a little earlier?
– Can you go to sleep a little later?
– Can you take some time at your lunch to think about your future?

I go a little further:
– Do you watch your favourite addictive series on Netflix?
– Watch soap operas, TV, programs…

Are you able to understand where I want to go?

If we have a clear goal in our mind and focus efforts on it, the overwhelming majority of the time, we manage to find time.

We will always have time for whatever is our priority. Do you agree?

However, I understand that, even with a lot of organization, our time can still be more restricted.

So, what can you do to handle it all?

The secret is that you need to really organize yourself, have a well-defined plan, step by step to make sure you don’t waste time and can make your business succeed in practice.

I’m sure if you do good planning, defining what you want, how you’re going to reach your goal, your wasted time will be drastically reduced.

To be quite honest, you will gain a lot by planning. And not only will you save time, but you’ll also feel more secure, confident and excited to get on with your business.

And, to close, I can also mention the fear of failure. The fear of failure, of the business itself, not going well in the future.

Failure always comes with another villain: shame.

“What will I tell my friends and family if all the investment of time and money I made doesn’t work out?”

I chose to leave this fear to the end because I believe this is the most present fear in people’s minds.

Maybe it’s not the main thing, but it’s the one people always think about.

And it can also be what impacts people the most because its fear that makes them self-sabotage the most.

We are all afraid of failure. But this is much more of a thing that will keep you from taking action than anything else.

Just stop to think:
What prevents you today from chasing your dreams?
The fear of not working?

But if you don’t even try, how will you know if it worked or not?

Have you ever stopped to think that you might be leaving aside the opportunity that could change your life, the life of your family, and give you more tranquillity, more happiness, joy and make you a much more fulfilled person than you are today in day?

I have a slightly different view. I’m not afraid of failure. I’ve already made a lot of mistakes and I’ve always learned from my mistakes.

And that was fundamental for me to get to where I am today.

Could it be that if I was afraid of failing at the beginning I would have been the person I am today?

Would it have impacted as many people as I have been impacting today? I don’t think so…

So, my final tip, for you to definitely put your fear aside and make you go in search of your happiness, your freedom, your own digital business:

Don’t get carried away by fear.

Fear is a condition created by ourselves to sabotage ourselves.

If you have an idea, believe in your idea, why not follow your intuition?

I believe in you and I think you should too.

Speaking of fear, what is your biggest fear when you think about entrepreneurship?
What do you do to overcome this overcoming this fear?

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