How to Care for Tulips: Learn to Plant and Grow

Do you know how to care for tulips and know their characteristics? The tulip is an angiosperm plant of the Lilac family. They are famous for being the symbol of Holland. However, it originates in Turkey, although some consider its origin in China. Thus, there are great varieties of flowers with different colors.

The bulb contains thermostable alkaloids and calcium oxalate crystals. Its powder can cause rhinitis, conjunctivitis and even asthma. So, with the necessary care, it is very beautiful and gives a charm to your home, in pots or in the garden.

She is famous in Holland. The tulip fields there are gigantic and have different colors. It is very beautiful to see, they are sensational. Therefore, it is not for nothing that they are the symbol of that country. The flowery fields fill the eyes with beauty and softness. They are one of the most beautiful flowers and going to a flowery field like the ones in Holland is a gift, a flowery adventure.

They are found in several variations called Darwin, Botany, parrot and fleur-de-lis.

Today you can find tulips around the globe. Regions such as Europe, Asia and the Americas have flower gardens. It is not very adaptable to different climates, but it can be planted and, with some care, see it bloom.

Even in our country, it is possible to plant tulips, but you must be careful with the sun and also with the excessive use of water. So learning to take care of these flowers is easy, below are some instructions for flowering the plant:

Image 01: The tulip is one of the most loved types of flowers to be used in the composition of decorations.

how to care for tulips in pots

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How to care for tulips with the right care

  • Tulips should be kept in a cool environment, and close to windows to receive the sun’s rays;
  • She likes mild climates and a tip is to put a piece of ice in the earth in the morning and another in the afternoon to cool them down;
  • Water with little water every day. Be careful, as the excess helps in the multiplication of fungi and bacteria that can harm the plant;
  • Don’t forget to fertilize the tulip before spring arrives and in the first months of the year;
  • Remove the dried leaves and flowers with scissors, cleaning it with alcohol so as not to proliferate bacteria and microorganisms.

Image 02: It is essential that when you make a tulip seedling, you cut it correctly so that it grows healthy.

can correctly your flowers

Where is the best place to grow tulips?

Pots are indicated by the flower needing cold to grow. Cooling enhances its growth, and it is recommended that the vase be near a window without much sunlight. Also, you can’t soak it with water so as not to damage the bulb.

The vase looks beautiful in the living room or in any other environment, but there are people who want to have a garden and dozens of tulips scattered around the place. In this way, the planting is done in the soil, but with few changes as to how to use it, again it should not be too much in the sun or in the water, so the tulip can bloom.

Image 03: The tulip is one of the most beautiful flowers to plant in the garden.

tulip garden

When planted in the ground, their beauty grows, transforming gardens and flower beds. However, it is necessary to choose a location that does not have a lot of sun, and that the soil is not soaked. The tulip should receive little water.

Weeds that could contaminate the plant must be removed from the soil. So, when planting, make a hole of 4 centimeters in the ground and give a distance of 5 centimeters between the bulbs. So afterwards, when watering, do not soak the surface and sprinkle a little water on the plant.

Thus, with a little water and little exposure to the sun, it is possible to have tulips of various colors in your garden, creating beauty and harmony in your environment.

Image 04: But how about getting to know the tulip garden in Holland?

tulip garden in holland

How to Care for Potted Tulips

Look for an environment with little sun, tulips like the sun’s rays, but you must be careful with the excess. So, water them without exaggeration, use a spray bottle to water the flowers and leaves. However, do not soak the vase.

Also, plant the flower in about a foot of a vase that has holes to drain the water. Place a layer of stone, a layer of earth and a layer of sand in the vase.

In early spring, fertilize the pot, it can be liquid fertilizer. This will enhance plant growth. But remember: make sure there are no pests that can damage it. So, if there is any contamination, remove the withered flowers and leaves.

Image 05: Use techniques to care for your tulip and keep them in suitable places for their growth.

how to care for tulips in pots

Step by step to plant tulips

Image 06: Learn step-by-step instructions for taking the best care of your tulips. For only then will they grow with the health and shape they need?

step by step on how to care for tulips

  1. Choose bulbs that should be firm with the consistency of an onion skin;
  2. Choose where to plant them and if you will place them in a row, this will control the direction of the tulips in their growth;
  3. Remove weeds or stones from the ground;
  4. Dig four-inch holes between them and eight inches deep;
  5. Plant them in the fall and at night, when the soil temperature is above 15º;
  6. It is necessary that the pointed parts of the bulb are upwards, otherwise there is a risk of the flowers growing downwards;
  7. Water without exaggeration so as not to soak the soil, as this can damage the bulbs;
  8. In September they will turn into beautiful spring flowers.

Curiosities about tulips

Each color of the flower has a meaning. The red tulip means eternal love, the yellow, prosperity, the black, elegance, the orange means vitality, the white means forgiveness and the rock, tranquility.

It can be used as a gift to someone and the meaning of the colors goes as a message to the winner of the beautiful flower. Furthermore, she is considered the messenger of spring.

Image 07: Bet on indoor gardens with these ornamental plants and make the environment even fuller of grace.

vase with flowers

The name tulip comes from the word tulip which means turban. In Turkey it is considered a royal flower and can only be grown in royal gardens.

Upon arriving in Holland, she received the name of “elegant flower”, also having a prestige in the country. There was so much speculation in marketing that a flower bulb was traded for a house.

In World War II, the Dutch eat the tulip bulb and flowers due to the lack of food in the country.

The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of tulips in the world, it is estimated that they export around 2 billion bulbs to 80 countries around the world, including Brazil.

For years the Dutch tried to create a black tulip, until in 1985 they managed to cross flowers that were darker and turned brown, almost black.

Finally, the most common colors of potted flowers are red, pink, yellow and orange.

Image 08: You can also make compositions of tulips with other flowers in the same vase. So look how beautiful it looks!

mix of flowers in the same vase

How to take care of planting tulips

  • Get a vase that has the flowers in the bud.
  • Keep it in a dry and dimly lit place.
  • Place a piece of ice, morning and afternoon, to freshen the flower’s environment and simulate the climate of Europe and Asia.
  • After the flowers wither, cut them off, including the leaves.
  • Remove the bulb from the vase, clean it with a soft brush, and keep it in a dry place for three months.
  • Plant the bulb in another pot with moistened earth.
  •  Wrap the vase in plastic and put it in the freezer for 6 months.
  • Remove the vase from the refrigerator and put it in a cool place with low light for another two months.
  • Return the vase to the refrigerator for another six months.
  • Remove the vase from the refrigerator, water and see the plant bloom for 30 to 40 days.

Image 09: Did you know that tulips are also great options for wedding decorations? They even look charming when composed in bouquets. So just take a look.

Beauty within everyone’s reach

Tulips are beautiful flowers that solitary rise on their stems, their stems and enchant people all over the world. Even in our country it is possible to take care of a plant like this and guarantee a flower garden. Inside the rooms she can beautify the environment in pots. In addition, its colors are beautiful and bring harmony to the place.

Moving with the land, planting, it’s almost like therapy. That’s why you feel good, get inspired by nature and its beauty, and tulips are famous for their unique flowers. With patience and care it is possible to have a beautiful garden.

Image 10: But how about betting on beautiful compositions of striking colors of tulips? So, in this example, a stronger color was used, purple, together with white to give complete harmony. The vase, on the other hand, is a much lighter shade of purple tulip.

different colors of tulips

For this it is necessary to take good care of the plants, regulating what is necessary, such as water and sunlight. They are used to colder places and an adaptation is needed for them to flourish well in our tropical country.

But it’s not impossible, tulips do well when cared for with care and show their special charm after being cultivated with patience and love.

Spread the beauty of this flower

Give someone a tulip, or grow it in your home, garden or home and enjoy its beauty and tenderness. She is beautiful and deserves her space, whether at home or in gardens around the world.

Image 11: Take advantage of jars of jelly or honey and make beautiful vases to match the room’s decoration.

flower vase

The flowers are a painting of nature that beautifies the places they pass through. Plant a tulip and beautify the world.

The tulip is beautiful and deserves its place in the gardens of the world.

I hope you enjoyed our tips on how to take care of tulips and that you many in your homes have, beautifying environments with colors and diversity. The tulip is a unique plant and must have its place, beautifying and bringing sophistication to the places where they are planted, including in our country.

Tulips are unique and really have their role as a plant of royalty, and no doubt live up to the name of elegant flower.

Image 12: Even for those who don’t have the time to care for natural flowers, then just take a look at this idea with artificial tulips.

vase with artificial flower

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