How to edit videos: simplified step by step

edit videos

If you have a digital business, you probably know or want to learn how to edit videos.

The Inside Video survey, from the year 2020, revealed that practically all Internet users (99%) consume this type of media. In addition, the average global audience for videos on social networks such as YouTube is 57%. In Brazil, the proportion is 72%.

Thus, knowing options for video editing programs and editor apps for Android and iOS is a great opportunity to stand out in video and, consequently, in digital marketing work.

Check out our walkthrough to learn how to edit your audiovisual material!

How to edit videos for free in 6 steps

After all, what steps are necessary to make video editing as efficient as possible? Follow the step by step.

Add media to editing software

Open your favourite video editing program and export the video file to it. In most programs, just drag the video into the editor window.

Before starting editing, make sure the video was recorded in the position you planned, horizontally or vertically. Also pay attention to the recommended sizes for the platforms you are going to publish on, for example:

  • YouTube: 640 x 360 (in 360p resolution) to 1920 x 1080 (in 1080p resolution).
  • Instagram:
    – Feed: 600 x 750 for vertical videos, 600 x 315 for landscape videos and 600 x 600 for square format videos.
    – Stories: 600 x 1067.
  • Facebook:
    – Feed: 1920×1080 for Landscape videos and 1080×1350 for vertical videos.
    – Ads for the feed: 600 x 315 for videos in landscape mode and 600 x 600 for square format.

Cut the excerpts that will make up the final video

With a cutting tool, which every video editor has, go cutting the excerpts that interest you and delete the ones that are irrelevant.

To make it easier, have the video script open or written on a sheet of paper. Always check it to ensure your video doesn’t get out of hand. At the time of recording, this can happen, but the audience doesn’t like ‘stranded video’ with lost information.

Apply effects to get the audience’s attention

You’ve probably seen people on Instagram doing stories by zooming in on their faces when they say something important, whether it’s funny, ironic or really relevant.

These and other techniques can also be done in video editing programs, and they really work to hold the audience’s attention. These tips even come from public speaking, which is the art of public speaking.

Zoom in, move away, and change the colour tone of the image in some parts… All this helps to avoid monotony in a video.

Insert text and images, if applicable.

Depending on your video content, it is very important that text and/or images appear along it.

In the introduction of the video, by the way, it is recommended to put your name and some contact information. Then, if you talk about a topic in threads, for example, summarize them in text throughout the video so that users are situated in your talk.

Adjust video audio

A tip that makes your video more attractive is to increase sound effects as these texts or images pass on the screen. If you embed music or your own narration into the video, set the volume for those sounds as well.

Preferably, show the video, still being edited, to someone and listen to the opinion of that second person because, just like in writing, our brain is ‘addictive’ and lets mistakes go unnoticed.

Render and export content

After leaving the video the way you imagined, the first button of the chosen program will usually have the option to render the video. This function consolidates all the files, effects and sounds you have applied so that the file can be exported and played on any video platform.

In addition to video editing software, use a free music bank and a free video bank to further customize your video.

It is noteworthy that, if you find a video of another person interesting and want to enjoy some excerpt, let that person know beforehand. She is not required to authorize its use.

Mobile video editing

In the context of the ‘ always on ‘ strategy, which is the production of consistent content, especially so that the platform’s algorithm does not interfere with the campaign, knowing how to edit video by mobile phone can also be very useful. It’s a quick way to record and edit with the same technology, which eliminates any pretext of not posting videos on the Internet.

The logic doesn’t change much: you’ll open the app, import the content, edit on a smaller screen, but much like desktop editors, increment and export to your gallery.

Editing videos to launch your online course

When talking about videos intended for an online course, what should we be careful about?

Well, as a general rule, each part that forms a module of the course works like an ordinary video for the Internet. It must be dynamic, clear and objective, however, the commitment to pass on knowledge is much greater.

That way, since your biggest concern is teaching, the video may become denser. To alleviate this, during recording, try to switch points of view whenever you get into a new subject. The student can lose focus when the video lesson angle is always the same.

For editing, some people prefer to study without music. In this case, leave the soundtrack only for the beginning or end of the video. However, if you have the opportunity to study your audience in advance and find out how they prefer, follow what you find in the surveys.


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