How to Organize Wardrobe: Tips and Ideas to Put it into Practice

Tired of looking through your wardrobe and never finding easily, quickly and efficiently what you need in the midst of so much mess? This means you need to hone your techniques on how to organize wardrobe.

Only those who have already stopped to pick up a day and tidy their wardrobe know how calm it is. Besides the calm when seeing that renovation inside her wardrobe.

During this step, we also get rid of all the stuff we no longer use, making room for new stuff that will be much more efficient and usable.

But one thing is certain: an organized wardrobe gives the room a feeling of cleanliness, coziness and hygiene, doesn’t it?

Image 01: Open concept wardrobes are the ones that most need organization. After all, everything is on show needing to be in perfect harmony. Even if you have a lot of stuff, then just look at this example of organization.

How to organize wardrobe

However, understanding your own day-to-day profile and your need for space are also part of the process of organizing your wardrobe.

But how about learning some tips and techniques so you don’t have any more problems when it comes to finding that shirt, or those pants inside your wardrobe?

So come now with us and learn how to organize wardrobe through infallible tips and techniques from the best personal organizers that must be adapted to the daily lives of each one, that is, according to their daily needs.

See this and more in today’s post. Check it out now and apply it in your daily life!

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Tips on how to organize your wardrobe

Have you ever heard about the hot, warm or cold method?

This method is one of the most common and the one that most helps people when it comes to maintaining a great quality of wardrobe organization.

Even more because it is a general tip, which can be used on any item you have in your wardrobe.

This method consists of keeping the most used pieces with easy access, occasional used pieces remaining in places with little access and the pieces that are hardly used, in the most complex places in the wardrobe or also in trunks and organizer boxes.

In addition, it may even seem silly, but in practice the result is quite evident. Try to keep only one type of hanger and only one organizing box model. As a final result, you will see how satisfying this will be.

Image 02: Likewise, modular wardrobes without a door also need to be well organized and this organization cannot be momentary. She needs to keep up. After all, we’re also dealing with a type of wardrobe that displays everything inside.

How to organize wardrobe without doors

In addition, it is also recommended to separate the clothes by their types, both hanging and those that will be folded. So keep a pattern separating by pants, dresses, shirts, underwear, accessories, etc.

It is also guided to separate by colors, from the lightest to the darkest.

Now, here’s more tips on how to organize wardrobes separated by items. Check it out!

Organize the wardrobe of shoes


Use and abuse dividers. Today on the market there are several types of dividers for you to use to organize your shoes inside the wardrobe.

Image 03: To organize your shoes, every indication of creativity is valid. Even more when there is no more space inside the wardrobe. In these cases, if you have a large volume of shoes with heels, you can choose to use pieces of crown molding glued to the wall to suspend your collection. So just take a look at this example.

how to organize the shoes

You can find shelves, separating niches and even bags to pack your shoes and keep them always on the hanger.

Image 04: The same goes for those who want to use shelves. Rods supported by a French hand is a nice option, leaving the environment very clean. So check it out.

shoes on shelves

Image 05: The organizing hive is a facilitating agent on how to organize wardrobe. So, to keep everything even more organized, bet on the use of dividers and separator bags for your shoes.

shoes in drawers

Organize the wardrobe of women’s clothing

Generally women are the ones who have the most clothes at home and most of the wardrobe, when we talk about a couple, belongs to them.

However, there are many things that are no longer used and are just there taking up space.

So it’s important that you periodically get into the habit of cleaning your wardrobe. This will open up space in your wardrobe as well as remove that foul smell of something stopped and stored for a long time.

And you can even run an online bazaar to sell those items you no longer use and earn some money.

Image 06:  Make the separation by season also divide your clothes by sizes and colors. Also, keep less-used ones inside organizer boxes or in drawers.

How to organize women's wardrobe

It is extremely important that you do not hang your heaviest clothes. Leaving them on the hanger will only make it deform and look weird.

In this case, choose to keep these pieces folded.

Image 07: Another great aspect about organizing wardrobe is the lightness you bring when organizing your clothes. Distribute the clothes packages neatly in drawers or niches, in order to avoid everything being in one place, giving a messy appearance and lack of space. Another great idea is to keep your clothes hanging with a smaller volume so that they don’t get bunched up. So, to better understand these ideas, just take a look at this image.

women's wardrobe organization

Bags and accessories

However, when organizing your purses, you can bet on dividers or even young men. It all depends on the amount of scholarships you have.

You can also leave them side by side at the top of the wardrobe when you have some models that are not for continuous use and the most used ones in a niche or young man for everyday bags.

For your underwear, scarves and even other types of accessories, you can and should make use of dividers.

In these cases, the beehive type is perfect for this separation and even for t-shirts, you know?

In the case of scarves, you can also opt for a hanger that has rings to hold these items.

Image 08: Here we have another example that the fewer pieces you leave the show, the more the sense of organization increases.

minimalist organization

Organize the men’s clothing wardrobe

Men’s wardrobe is usually easier to organize, because there is not always that volume of things. However, many men are quite disorganized and manage to make a big mess at the same time as few things in their wardrobe.

So, in this case, professionals indicate the use of young men. In it, put only the items for daily use so that you don’t have to spend all the time opening the wardrobe and disorganizing what you don’t need.

Image 09: Likewise, we can say that for men, the idea of ​​keeping their wardrobe organized with few items also brings an air of a clean and well-distributed environment.

How to organize men's wardrobe

Another tip is to be able to hang as much clothes as possible, of course without exaggeration. This way, you avoid messing up drawers or niches that contain folded clothes when you just remove that shirt that is difficult to access.

Image 10: The same idea can apply to modular closets like those with a more industrial footprint. Everything needs to be in its proper place, this type of wardrobe is wide open.

wardrobe with industrial concept

Also, if you have a lot of accessories like ties, scarves and scarves, you can bet on custom hangers to hold these items or even on drawer dividers.

Organize the wardrobe for bed linen and towels

One of the main ways to organize these items is to dedicate only one side of your wardrobe to store them. This way they will be grouped in a single space, making it very easy to find the items you are looking for and without cluttering. However, people do not always have a large wardrobe that allows for this type of division.

So, thinking about these cases, we’ve separated some special tips for you to have other organization alternatives. Check it out.

Make use of shelves

If you have shelves inside the closet, take advantage of this space to store your bed and bath items. Since they are very practical for viewing, these shelves allow you to see without having to remove items from the wardrobe.

And to make the look even more organized, make the folded pieces all the same size.

Image 11: As well as clothes and shoes, bath towels and bed linen also need to be well organized in your wardrobe.

bed and bath linen

Organization of bed and bath linen in drawers

If the alternative you have is to store these items in the drawer, you will need to keep them very well folded, grouping them in sets and at the time of storage, leave them in cascade for easy picking up when needed without having to remove the other items of the drawer.

Keep parts separated by type

Keep sheets tucked together, especially when putting them away. You can choose to keep the sheets in the pillowcases to give even more organization to the environment.

Image 12: Therefore, in order not to have that overload, leave in your wardrobe only the towels and bed linen that are being used. A great idea is to leave items that are not in accordance with the season somewhere else, such as in the bed chest. That way, you won’t have a wardrobe crammed with unused stuff.

arranging bed and bath linen

Bet on special packaging

Special packaging allows clothes to breathe even while stored. So, for your bed and bath linen, bet on TNT bags that have small holes that allow this breath.

Use refreshing for sheet

And to guarantee the key point of your wardrobe organization, bet on refreshing sheets. Since they will be stored, nothing better than when you use them, they still have a very nice smell of freshly washed with a very refreshing aroma.

How to organize a children’s wardrobe

Image 13: Separate the clothes to go out of the clothes to stay at home. The more you categorize your child’s wardrobe, the more organized it will become.

How to organize a children's wardrobe

Image 14: Keeping accessories separate in niches, drawers or organizer boxes separate from the clothes will save a lot of time when looking for something. Bath and bed clothes, shoes and underwear also need to have their own corner.

children's wardrobe

Ideas on how to organize wardrobe

Image 15: If you have enough shoes, nothing better than betting on organizers with hangers for your pairs. With them, everything will be organized and with easy viewing for the time of choice.

organized shoes

Image 16: If you have an open closet, keep clothes organized by seasons, sizes and colors. Leave the most used ones with easy access and the less used ones folded or in drawers. The most used bags can also be on top of the macaw just waiting for your next exit.

open wardrobe

Image 17: Carrying out handmade closets can also be a great way to keep your clothes organized. In this way, bet on boards and also on batten crates to be able to organize your sundries.

handmade wardrobe

Image 18: Rollers can also be used in drawers as a form of organization.

organized drawer

Image 19: The cabinet with square niches can also be used to accommodate organizer boxes. So, bet on more decorative models that are easy to handle.

organization with boxes

Image 20: You can also customize different boxes to leave jewelry, socks, ties or any other accessory. Invest in the coating with wrapping paper (which are very easy to clean, just use a duster to remove the dust) or even fabrics.

boxes for organization

Image 21: Another great tip is to use the separators to make your underwear more organized. This way, they will also remain more sanitized thanks to the ventilation that will be maintained for them.

how to organize underwear wardrobe

Image 22: Insert organizers into your drawers too. Take the opportunity to better organize your shirts. That way, it will be much easier to find your favorite model among so many options. Not to mention that you’ll avoid grabbing a wrinkled shirt from the drawer.

how to organize wardrobe in drawers

Image 23: If you don’t have space in your wardrobe to use vertical organizers, you can use hangers.

how to organize wardrobe

Some more ideas

Image 24: Do you like scarves? So instead of storing everything in a drawer and having to mess around to find your desired color for that moment, bet on hangers with organizer rings. So just take a look at how to stay.

how to organize wardrobe with handkerchiefs

Image 25: If you have a lot of belts, then the bet on dividers is high to keep everything well organized. Roll up your belts and sort them by thickness and color. That way you’ll have an even more organized box.

how to organize wardrobe box with belts

Image 26: If you have a lot of towels and bedding, you can bet on the technique of storing these items rolled up. It looks very charming in the wardrobe and saves space inside.

how to organize wardrobe with towels

Image 27: Use boxes with the same decorative pattern to harmonize the environment.

Image 28: Therefore, when investing in boxes with lids, the ones with holes are great to avoid the bad smell and mildew of your stored items.

organizing boxes

Image 29: To avoid getting lost in the organizer boxes, bet on identification tags!

labeled organizer boxes

Image 30: However, to finish our last tip, go on to separate and organize your wardrobe by sessions: bags with bags, shoes with shoes, shirts with shirts, dresses with dresses, blouses with blouses, bedding with bedding etc. . . .

small wardrobe

An organized wardrobe is synonymous with hygiene

You’ve probably noticed this phrase for other aspects of your home as well.

As much as your wardrobe may be dusty inside, if it’s organized, you’ll still have a great sense of hygiene.

In an analogous way, we can use the case about when we don’t clean the house and in the kitchen we take care of the dishes, cleaning the sink and leaving everything neat and stored. As much as the rest is not clean, just the fact that the sink is organized makes the sensation different, isn’t it?

The same goes for your wardrobe. If it’s clean but totally disorganized, the feeling that it’s dirty continues.

So, to take this theory out of doubt, make a test now and prove what we are telling you. And then see how your room will look fresh and clean.

But now tell us! Are you in the habit of organizing your wardrobe? What do you do to be able to stay organized longer? And when was the last time you did this?

So tell us here in the comments your personal tips and share here with the rest of the guys for each one to improve their organization techniques.

We look forward to hearing from each one of you.


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