Sales Letter: How to Create One That Converts

Sales Letter

Sure enough, you’ve already received a sales letter, you know? A sales letter is an element sent to potential customers of a brand, with the aim of persuading them to make a purchase. Previously, they arrived by post, but now they can be sent by different means, such as emails or landing pages.

This is the instrument that deserves even more special attention at the time of production. It is the last step of the sales funnel, in which the consumer will decide on the purchase of the product or service. Therefore, copywriting is very present in this instrument.

Want to know how to create a sales letter that converts? Follow up.

Know what the public’s pains are

All the time, people are looking for the solution of some need, material or not. So, know how to approach and where to focus your business.

Through the sales letter, the company can commit to helping the customer achieve dreams or overcome fears. It all depends on the persona. So, to make construction easier, list about 3 pains that your service or product can solve for the consumer.

Remember, people are bombarded with brand proposals all day long. And this exercise will help to create a connection with the prospect, making your business stand out from the competition.

Know your solution well and add value

Understanding everything about the service or product offered is an important step to be able to add value and convince the lead to trust the brand. That way, you’ll be able to focus on the solution’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

Here, we use the term “solution”, because that is exactly what the public is looking for: a solution to some problem or need. So objectively list the benefits of what you offer.

Focus on what you believe is a valued differentiator by the brand’s prospect. It is possible to identify what people value through a survey, in which buyers are asked about:

  • The reason for choosing your brand;
  • The probability of referring a friend;
  • The probability of doing business again;
  • What you liked most about the solution offered.

After all this process, it will be easy to understand how to prepare an attractive offer that is valued by the potential customer. For that, let’s go to the next tip.

Prepare an offer for your sales letter

It is a mistake to think that it is enough to convince the customer that he needs the solution offered. There are consumers who are resistant and, for this reason, the sales letter needs to have an irresistible offer.

A famous model is the decoy effect, by professor of psychology and behavioural economics, Dan Ariely. The researcher tested two pricing structure models. The first proposal had the following options:

  • 1-year access to all The Economist articles online since 1997 for $59.00
  • 1-year subscription to The Economist Print Magazine and access to all The Economist articles online since 1997 for $125.00

The results were:

  • 68% of participants chose the $59.00 option.
  • 32% of participants chose the $125.00 option.

However, Ariely intended to make people opt for the most expensive product. So, he added a third option:

  • 1-year subscription to The Economist Print Magazine + access to all The Economist articles online since 1997 for $125.00

Realize that it is, simply, the combination of the first two options, but for the price of only one. The result was:

  • 16% of participants chose the $59.00 option.
  • 0% (none) of the participants chose only the $125.00 print magazine.
  • 84% of participants chose the new $125.00 option.

This is because people associate the most complete option as being the most advantageous, even if they are not even interested in a particular product in the combo. There are several ways to apply this technique and convert more customers to the desired offer.

Show your authority

As we’ve already said, the connection between brand and audience is essential. Entrepreneurs need to show their value, to be considered an authority in the market. Some devices that can be used are:

  • Numerical data;
  • Customer testimonials;
  • Life experience;
  • Certificates you have;
  • Challenges you overcame.

Use these achievements to your advantage, but be careful they don’t take the place of what’s being offered. It is necessary to use it with caution, even so, that the achievements do not appear to be forged.

Have good copywriting

The copywriting is the icing on the cake. If you can’t hold their attention, the reader won’t even be able to see the offer made, no matter how good it is. One suggestion is to look for a specialized professional. But if that’s not possible, check out the tips we’ve prepared for building a sales letter, below:


The first step in writing a sales letter is to think of the headline. It’s the first thing your potential customer sees and needs to get their attention in some way, to get them on the page.

A widely used technique that generates good results is to be succinct and talk about something your persona wants. Remember that the consumer doesn’t want the product, but the solution.

Short sentences and bullet points

Imagine that you receive a call from the telephone company and the seller gives you a proposal for a plan. But telemarketing throws a lot of information right at the beginning of the call and you can’t even understand what the benefits will be.

Certainly, your interest in hiring that plan will be much smaller than if the speech was paused and with better interaction. Therefore, try to be clear, use short sentences and bullet points, so that the prospect does not deviate from the focus.

If you want to learn more about how copywriting can help you sell more, check out this video:

Proper language and arguments

If you sell a product to someone who wants to start with digital marketing, you won’t use the same language as someone who sells products to someone who is already an expert in digital business, right?

The first audience asks for simpler communication and with few technical terms. For the second, it is necessary to show greater authority on the subject. Each audience asks for a style of communication.

Request an action to be performed

The sales letter must always have a call to action, for example:

  • Get in touch;
  • Click to buy;
  • Go to the store;
  • Answer the form.

This already existed when the letter was on paper. However, currently, as this sales letter is usually digital, it is important that the developer pay attention not only to the action but to the way it is indicated.

If the customer has made it to the end, they are really interested and you don’t want to miss them. So, work out the CTA, test different colors and locations for the button. This is, in effect, the moment of conversion.

Marketing has many techniques that can be explored by entrepreneurs. A well-crafted sales letter is one of the best business tools. So, put our tips into practice and create a foolproof proposal.


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