Social Network Monitoring: 7 Best Tools

Social Network Monitoring

Establishing strategies to drive the business is essential for any company. To achieve these goals accurately, it is necessary to use the most effective resources, including the monitoring of social networks.

Using social media monitoring tools expands the perception of your brand, as it allows you to see in more detail not only customer demands but also market behaviour in the exact environment where the persona is.

Social media monitoring tools generate or contribute to the creation of reports that help inform decision making. In addition, it allows for closer relationships with the customer. Thus, it is possible to define strategies aimed at different business segments. See more below!

7 social media monitoring tools

Choosing the best tools to analyze your business’s social networks is a relatively simple task. However, it requires a prior analysis of the company’s objectives and needs. Having mastery of this and other information drives the choice of metrics used to perform monitoring.

It is also important to keep in mind that each social network has its particularities and that they provide different information from different sources. Therefore, each social network requires some specific metrics.

Combining more than one tool to enhance the monitoring of social networks is a strategy that tends to cover your company’s needs as much as possible and make it even more prepared to stand out in your market niche.

For this, it is necessary to know the best tools for monitoring social networks and that will be true allies in this endeavour.

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1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools. It supports the most used platforms in Brazil, such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

The differential of this service lies in monitoring mentions of your company profile in real-time and in being able to delegate functions to your team members. In addition to being a resource to accelerate customer responses, Hootsuite offers services to:

  • Post scheduling;
  • Boost posts;
  • Content management, analysis and curation.

2. MLabs

It is a Brazilian tool and one of the most complete. With mLabs it is possible to respond to messages from followers, manage profiles on social networks, analyze metrics and create reports from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics.

This tool even allows you to include graphs on your competition’s performance. This leaves your company one step ahead when it comes to strategizing and standing out in the market. Furthermore, it makes it possible to manage more than one profile in the same account.

3. Now Pulse

AgoraPulse has several functions that facilitate the monitoring of social networks. The tool supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. With it is possible:

  • Manage all company social media messages;
  • Schedule and publish content;
  • Identify the main influencers;
  • Monitor social channels;
  • Get reports, including Facebook ads.

The AgoraPulse differential is the possibility to follow the history of clients and measure the Return on Investment (ROI). In addition, the tool also allows targeting by target audience and analyzes the performance of the competition.

4. Reportei

Reportei is a recommended tool for companies that provide services for other brands and that need to report to their customers. The data collection and reporting phase can be quite time consuming if done manually. Reportei manages to bypass this phase, promoting significant productivity gains.

The tool gathers data from the analyzed networks and produces reports on top of it, in addition to having a space to write an analysis on social media and digital marketing reports. All this with the possibility to customize templates and choose specific metrics according to each client.

Reportei supports a wide range of networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and Google Ads.

5. Social Sprout

In addition to being one of the best tools for monitoring social networks, Sprout Social is also simple to apply and offers accurate analytics that will help your digital business map the right strategy.

With this platform, it is possible to discover trends on social networks, schedule publications, consult old information, filter messages and mentions on the platforms, among others. These and other services are organized in a complete and intuitive interface.

6. Social Bakers

Social Bakers stands out for its automated analysis of the audience on your company’s social networks so that personas are mapped from this data. Thus, it is possible to improve the marketing strategy and return it to your avatar.

In addition to functions such as scheduling, managing and monitoring messages, Social Bakers also analyzes the performance of advertising campaigns and leverage the influence of your brand advocates with your target audience.

7. Iconosquare

Iconosquare, formerly Statigram, is a tool focused exclusively on monitoring Instagram using basic and free resources, but it also has more sophisticated ones.

By monitoring only one social network, Iconosquare can provide more details about the performance of a profile on Instagram, analyzing everything from mentions and hashtags to the use of filters in stories.

In addition to the monitoring functions, which include messages, likes and sharing, this tool also has categories to promote the account on the platform. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks right now, so it’s worth investing in it.

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