UOL Affiliates: what are the main advantages and disadvantages?

UOL Affiliates

Surely you know UOL’s news portal. However, the Brazilian company also has a great affiliate program that can earn good commissions for its affiliate network. In this text I will tell you a little more about how UOL Affiliates works.

Understanding UOL Affiliates

Unlike Hotmart Afiliados which is only focused on infoproducts and other companies like Eduzz and Monetizze that also work with physical products, UOL’s affiliate program also offers services on its platform. I’ll explain better…

Here at HeroSpark, for example, we have an affiliate program and we specialize in online courses. When a person becomes an affiliate on our platform, he will work selling courses. In other words, we have a very well defined product that has a fixed value.

On the other hand, UOL Afiliados offers website hosting and Wi-Fi services. In addition to these services, it is also possible to subscribe to PagSeguro’s card machines. Obviously, everything else works the same, regardless of platform specifics.

Because the products are not “palpable” and do not have fixed values, commissions vary a lot. Even UOL’s affiliate program works with more than one commissioning method. I’ll talk a little more about this right now.

Types of commissioning

Cost Per Click (CPC)

The affiliate receives his commission every time someone clicks on the banner available in his communication channel. It is the option used by UOL Native, elected the best Ads platform in Brazil in 2016 at Afiliados Brasil.

The great advantage of the CPC method is that the affiliate does not depend on the sale to be completed in order to receive his commission. However, it takes a high number of clicks to get a good income. UOL Native, for example, pays between R$0.02 and R$5.00 in commission per click.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

In this method the commission is paid every time the lead performs an action within the site. In other words, if the visitor fills out a form or registers for a newsletter through the link provided, the affiliate will receive his commission.

Within the affiliate market, commissions paid on CPA methods are usually quite high. UOL Wi-Fi pays up to R$24.00 in commission per action performed.

Cost Per Sale (COGS)

It is the most used commissioning method in affiliate marketing. The advantage is the high commission amounts, which attract a lot of attention. However, the affiliate depends on the sale being completed to receive payment.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Every time the affiliate generates a lead for the contracting company, he receives a commission. In the case of UOL Afiliados, commissions are paid every time a registration is made.

UOL Affiliate Advantages

Variety of products and services

The possibilities are endless. The affiliate that works with UOL can sell from Native Ads and Wi-Fi services to credit card machines for establishments.

In addition, UOL is the largest Brazilian online content company and has enormous respect in the market. Therefore, being an affiliate of this platform will generate greater authority with your audience.

Materials provided

In addition to the traditional affiliate links provided by the platforms, UOL Afiliados offers banners and email marketing campaigns.

Statistics show that the use of email is still much more effective than social networks for acquiring new customers. Therefore, no affiliate should discard email marketing strategies. In other words, take advantage of the material provided by the company.

Disadvantages UOL Affiliates


As I showed in the commissioning methods, the amount of benefits varies according to the form adopted. By working with several services and some of them opting for the CPC model, commissions can be very low.

Registration time

Many people choose the affiliate market for the possibility of earning extra income in a short time and without needing to invest a lot. In some cases, the return is almost immediate. However, when registering at UOL Afiliados, it is necessary to wait a while until your membership request is approved and this may take a few days.

HeroSpark Affiliates

I had already given a little spoiler about our show at the beginning of this text, I hope you’ll forgive me for that. What you still don’t know is that our affiliate program has the best portfolio of courses available on the market!

Another thing that I also saved for the end is this data: our courses have already sold more than 88 million reais. In addition, there are already more than 621,000 graduated and satisfied students. What are you waiting for to become an affiliate here at HeroSpark?

Our courses

We have more than 100,000 published courses. In addition, our platform hosts courses from the most varied niches. What all these courses have in common is quality.

We value student experience and, as part of that, we demand quality content from our producers. All classes are recorded in HD and have excellent ambience and sound.

By working with courses in various niches, we increase the number of valuable content available on the internet and, most importantly, we decrease the level of competition among our affiliates. This makes it possible for them to work focused only on conversions.

Support from producers

Our producers provide support materials to help our affiliates when promoting each course.

But we go beyond that: affiliates also have access to banners and copies made by producers according to the specificity of each course. Obviously, the creators know their courses more than anyone else, so it is a unique opportunity to be able to promote them according to their tips.

Qualified support

Our support team works tirelessly to answer our employees’ questions in record time.

We believe that no person should be deprived of knowledge, so we work so that our courses are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our team organizes quarterly meetings so that affiliates and producers can have closer contact and exchange experiences. In this way, both sides win and continue to grow.

With all these advantages, the success of the HeroSpark affiliate is guaranteed. Be part of our team!

For those looking for extra income or even gaining their financial independence, affiliate marketing can be an excellent way forward.

The coolest thing is that the affiliation systems are not limiting, that is, you can act by selling HeroSpark online courses and promoting physical Hotmart products at the same time.

The UOL Afiliad the s offers a huge opportunity for those who have websites and/or blogs because it allows affiliates to spread several banners for their communication channels and reach a larger number of leads. And with these banners displayed on their blogs, they can get a good income too.

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