Upsell: what it is and practical examples of how to apply


Do you upsell your digital business? If not, find out how this technique can increase (a lot!) your product sales. In the midst of so much competition in the market, companies need to look for a way to differentiate themselves from so many others and reach their goals.

For this planning to come out of paper and become a reality, it takes a lot of effort and dedication. In marketing, there are some techniques that can help entrepreneurs to reach a high level of sales, promote their products and increase the company’s average ticket.

This is exactly where upsell and cross-sell make all the difference. See more below!

What is Upsell?

Upselling is one of the most used for those who want to increase the customer’s average ticket. There is no literal translation into Portuguese, but we can use it as “sell more”. This sales strategy is primarily focused on promoting your product, improving the customer experience and increasing sales.

A basic example to understand upselling is: imagine that a customer goes to a fast-food chain and when he arrives at the service counter, the salesperson offers him for another real, the exchange of a small potato for a medium one.

In other words, the seller manages to convince him that by paying a little more, he will get a better product that, despite the cost-effectiveness being a little higher, is worth the investment. This is an upsell which, in general, is to increase the value of your sale. This way, it will generate benefits for both you and your customer.

When to Upselling?

Now that you know what upsell is, you’ve probably noticed the difference it can make to your business. In practice, it’s important to know the right time, as following this model can be simpler than it sounds.

To offer the best services and products to your customers, it is necessary to know your avatar. Thus, it is possible to identify what he needs at the moment. This is a way that can help you in sales. Also, upselling works best when your customer is already interested in your product.

Another way is linked in the relevance of your product. It is essential to always think about the experience your customer may have when purchasing that service, as thinking only about the sale itself will make that person not want to buy again.

The ideal time to upsell is at the time of checkout, that is, at checkout. This way, it is possible to offer something more to that person who is already interested in your products or services.

When a customer is well served, purchases a quality product and has a differentiated experience, this awakens their desire to return. Also, keep in mind the value your company is offering, as the upsell has to be especially beneficial to the customer.

How to make an Upsell?

As stated earlier, it’s important to know what your customer is interested in. Thus, you can build your offer based on the right product and make sure it is really useful to the point that your consumer finds it feasible to spend a greater amount on that particular service.

For example, if a customer opens your sales page looking for a recipe book for diabetics and you offer, as a second purchase, a recipe book with sugar, it’s common for them not to be interested.

After all, he went in search of a totally different product and you offered a different one. For the consumer, it is not advantageous to spend on something that will not be so useful for him and is not a priority.

Another interesting step is to present the advantages that that second purchase can have, even if the customer is not immediately pleased with the value. He may change his mind by knowing a little more about the merchandise and discovering that he will have more benefit by buying something more expensive, but with higher quality and benefits.

Last but not least, always use references from other buyers. After all, we feel more comfortable in acquiring something when we know that someone else already has it and liked it. This recommendation can be made by someone close or even a famous person, such as digital influencers.

In upsell this part is very important as it helps to improve your reputation and customers like to see positive testimonials from other people, it is Social Proof.

How about knowing some examples of companies that upsell to increase sales? See more below!

How to Upsell in practice?

Upselling is simpler than it sounds and the results can be very positive for your digital business. A classic example of Upsell is the famous French fries offered for a lower price at McDonald’s at the time of finalizing the snack purchase.

But, bringing to our reality of infoproducts. Let’s say you sell different courses, so a good strategy is: after the purchase of the digital marketing course is finalized, offer to mentor on the same topic for a promotional price. In this way, the customer understands that he is getting a better product for a better price.

What is the difference between Upsell and Cross Sell?

It is a fact that the two terms seem to be similar, but their characteristics are different. You already know that in upsell the customer is offered the same product, but with a higher value since the purchase is much more advantageous.

In the case of cross-selling — also known as cross-sell — the customer is offered something that complements that product or service he is already carrying. For example: after you sell a certain product, you send emails to the customer to buy another add-on product.

Apple, for example, sells the iPad and that makes people interested in buying Apple Pencil. It’s true that the iPad doesn’t need it to work, but many consumers feel that need and end up buying it.

Ways to cross-sell

Believe in your product and/or service

As with everything you do, it is extremely important to trust not only your work but also your product and/or service. You need to know how to approach the customer. In both upselling and cross-selling, if the consumer feels intimidated or irritated, the purchase will probably not be made.

Recommendation pages

One way to do good cross-selling on the internet is to put some recommendations on your page like “you might like this” or “people who bought this product also bought it”. This will arouse the interest of your customer, who will probably close the page without knowing about other products that he might have liked.

You can also use a CRM platform, which has software responsible for showing the profile of your audience. Thus, you will offer products according to the required information.

Finally, you can use your creativity to upsell in the best possible way. Just follow the tips and always pay attention to the shopping experience. In addition to increasing sales, new customers may be interested in your business. The important thing is to always be active in the market in a positive way and always on the lookout for news.

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