Video Editing Program: 8 Best and Free

Video Editing Program

If you are a digital entrepreneur or produce free content on the internet, a video editing program can become your best friend. To give you a glimpse of the scale of video marketing, 73% of the entire Brazilian population tends to share third-party videos among friends.

Another impressive fact, especially for those who invest in content marketing: a website with a video has 53% more chances of appearing in the first position in a Google search.

In this way, producing videos and editing them can open doors in the digital market. However, many of this software come at a price that can weigh heavily on your pocket. Therefore, it is useful to know quality programs that are free and do not leave a watermark.

Ready to start gaining traffic with material online? Read the article and get to know 8 video editing programs!

1. Olive

Olive is a cross-platform program (for Windows, macOS and Linux) that, although not intuitive, is simple and ideal for beginners. In its basic usage, you have to move a video (or image) to a space in the window and then do another drag-click to the timeline and then edit it.

The software performs well on any computer and offers many editing options, such as animation with Bézier curves, for the video maker who wants to professionalize animated illustrations making them smoother.

However, it still lacks some features, such as colour treatment. Fortunately, version 2.0, which has not yet been released, is now available for testing and 3.0 is also in production.

2. DaVinci Solves

DaVinci Resolve is another option for beginners. However, it may not perform well on an outdated system as it is actually ‘heavier’ due to its extra features compared to Olive.

In version 16, the program brings differences such as colour correction and 8K audio post-production. Can you imagine creating your online course with this quality? Another strength of DaVinci is the ability for multiple professionals to work on a single project through multi-user collaboration.

As mentioned, one downside is the demand for more professional-level equipment and the other is that the software has a paid version, so the features are probably purposely limited for the user to pay for the premium.

3. Shortcut

Yet another cross-platform video editing program, although it was originally created for the Linux system. One of its biggest differentials is that it does not need to import a video before editing it, just modify it directly in the software.

Shortcut supports 4K resolution, allows the repositioning of various interface elements, has Chroma Key functionality (in which you can place any background behind your image), among others.

On the other hand, you may experience a lack of ease in navigating the software and the absence of preview effects in frame thumbnails. The effects change itself can be a bit unpleasantly delayed, especially for those who edit a high volume of videos.

4. Light works

Thinking of a free, watermark-free video editing program for intermediate-level videographers? Well then. This is the software used in the layout of the 2010 Oscar winner for Best Film and Best Editing, “The King’s Speech”.

Light works offer real-time effects, frame transitions, freedom of interface adjustments, and also supports 4K files. One difference is that while the video is being rendered, you can work normally on your computer.

Like Shortcut, customizing the program can leave the user confused. Also, to use the famous Ctrl + Z (undo), you need to configure it first. This affects the user experience a little bit, but nothing you can’t get used to.

5. Kdenlive

As with other software, Kdenlive has a range of effects for you to choose from and generate more engagement with your videos.

Other advantages: rendering projects can be paused and restarted, in addition to being able to produce animations and capture audio and video from the PC.

Some of its cons: it is CPU intensive (in the task manager), which contributes to a slow response; it is relatively unstable when running on Windows and has little variety of formats in exports (only four audio formats, nine video formats and five image formats).

6. Openshot

Openshot is another option for editing video and animation for your digital enterprise. The software makes it possible to remove the video background and view sound waves, in addition to having a very easy-to-use title editing tool.

A differential of this program is that you can let the video in slow motion, adding emphasis to your content, and all of this can be experienced in more than 70 languages.

However, compared to alternative programs, Openshot may lack the variety of effects, introduce bugs and, the fact that it is open source (in which any developer can edit the software), makes it difficult to provide agile support.

7. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a drag-and-drop online video editor. Thus, it is intuitive and ideal for those who have no experience with image editing.

The platform contains video templates and audio clips that can be customized. With it, it is possible to create videos for Instagram, slideshows, video cover for Facebook, videos for Youtube and ads on social networks.

The tool also has a feature called Clipchamp Teams, which allows the creation of a team to collaboratively create and edit audiovisual material.

The free version offers unlimited video exports in 480p (SD). It is possible to upgrade to have access to HD and Full HD video exports and other features.

8. Avidemux

Avidemux is perfect for the content producer who already has eased with the internet and just needs cutting and fast editing. It has a simple interface (sometimes so simple that it can be confusing), lots of current effects and excellent rendering options.

If you find Light works and Openshot too complex, Avidemux provides this function by providing the basics in video editing, not least because it doesn’t even have a timeline.

Thus, its weak point is this limitation of video effects. The program is most recommended for those who want to convert videos and/or embed subtitles.

Thus, it is feasible to produce quality visual material at zero investment in the video editing program. Get ahead with video marketing and track the growth of your digital business.


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