Webinar event: how to create online events through webinars?

Webinar event

Creating a webinar is an excellent option for those who cannot hold a face-to-face event, for several reasons. But have you ever thought about doing a webinar event? If the answer was “yes”, read this text to the end.

Do you know what a webinar event is?

Chances are, if you’re looking to make one, you’ve either heard of it or already have a basis on what one is. To clarify, a webinar is an online seminar that can be done in two ways: live or recorded.

People who are watching a webinar event can interact with the person who is speaking through chat or online applications to ask questions, ask questions, among other activities that the webinar also provides.

Webinar means seminar. Through a webinar you can hold different types of events. One of the most interesting advantages is that it connects different people from different parts of the world.

For companies, the webinar is a very good way to generate new contacts and even sales through the live broadcast of the event.

It’s also a great way to engage experts because these people hardly use blogs or similar to exchange knowledge, often for a matter of time or even because they don’t like it.

By means of an online webinar event, these people only need to be there in front of the camera, transmitting all their knowledge. People can watch from anywhere in the world, just have access to the internet. Let’s face it, it’s the most common thing these days.

Webinars allow interaction through questions and, depending on the type of content you are going to make, and the platform you are going to use, the content will be recorded, and can be reused and available on the platform and used in different ways.

How to make a webinar event?

The first thing you have to do is set a theme for your webinar event. You first need to analyze which persona interest you want to target. Research topics, write down topics, what has already been said, what people are interested in knowing. What are your audience’s pains?

Choose the date and time of your event. When setting a date, do a quick search to see if you don’t have another event on the same day as yours. This can split your audience and you may not have as many people participating as you expected.

Also be careful not to do the pre-holiday event, because all of a sudden, your audience may be getting ready to travel and not have time to watch your webinar. The recommended thing is to set the date of your webinar 20 days in advance because then you have plenty of time to be able to promote it on all your social media.

Webinar Event – Participation

Check some points such as:

  1. If they are people who are far away;
  2. Or people who would agree to speak into a camera;
  3. You should invite another speaker to add even more knowledge to the talk, etc.

The number of guest speakers will always depend on the type of event you are organizing. Also invite these people well in advance so that everyone can prepare, schedule and study on that topic.

The format of your event is another important point that must be thought about before starting the promotion. Will the event be paid for? If the answer is “yes,” consider how you can sell these entries. There are some platforms where you can charge for entering your talk.

If your event is free, you can choose a digital platform where people need to register so you can have access to their contact details.

When signing up they need to enter their contact details and, by participating, you will also have control over her participation. So if your goal with a webinar event is to promote a product, for example, it helps a lot.

Invest in the dissemination on your social networks, send emails, messages, make ads, and invest in traffic. And very important: get ready! In a face-to-face or online event, you need to prepare yourself very well for this.

Webinar Event – Script

If you are the speaker yourself, make a script of what you say. This will help you not to get in the way when the webinar is going on. And it also helps in analyzing your content.

This will help you not to get lost and not get confused by the subject, especially if the event is live.

If it’s recorded, you decide to edit it, but if it’s live, your entire audience will end up realizing that you didn’t have the proper preparation and with that you can lose your credibility and authority.

Make an alignment of how this event will be, clear any doubts you may have, researching with other people who have already done this type of event, in other words, never do a webinar on impulse or unprepared.

You can put together some basic material for yourself or for the speaker who will be attending your event, so that both of you can read and understand what participation in the event will be like.

For more tips on how to produce a good screenplay, check out this video:

Structure of a webinar

About structure, you will need a basic structure to hold an online event.

There are several companies in the market that specialize in simultaneous broadcasting, which can help you make your event with high quality. But of course, if you are able to invest.

If you are a beginner, want to start with a digital business and still don’t have money for high investments, you can do it from your own home, having a suitable cell phone to record.

You will also need to provide the link. Usually, the platform where you hold the event makes this link available for you to disclose to the people you want to participate in your event, your audience.

During your event, try to answer the participants’ questions, because this will generate interactivity between the speaker and the people who will be participating in the event.

It’s also important that you leave a video later to answer some other questions that you missed but feel important to answer.

Your event needs to be special, people are tired of looking for solutions and not finding, or finding people who elude them.

You need to be the solution and you will only be able to reach your goals when you understand this.


Therefore, your webinar needs to be some kind of rare event that people don’t usually see. They need to be stuck with you and feel a need to listen to you.

Your audience needs to be looking for X, Y, and Z, join her webinar and find the X, Y, and Z she was looking for. So give it to them.

In other words, following this step by step, you will definitely be able to create one. Regarding the ideal platform for you, first establish your purpose with the event, before that you will choose the platform that best suits what you want.

Above all, this platform needs to be easy to use and that people don’t have a bad experience when visiting. Your webinar should be in the interest of your audience, not yours. You are there live for them, and they need to realize it.


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