What is FAQ and how to create it for your digital business?


After all, what is FAQ? You’ve probably come across this acronym on some website or blog on the Internet. This feature is widely used by digital businesses and makes a big difference in customer service, which is more complete and intuitive.

In this post, we’ll explain everything about FAQ: meaning, how to make a FAQ page and why this feature improves the customer experience. Come on!

What is FAQ?

FAQ is an acronym in English that corresponds to Frequently Asked Questions and, in Portuguese, Frequently Asked Questions. This feature is used in website tabs and FAQ pages.

Thus, its use is essential to show the target audience all the information about your digital business in an objective and simple way. In Brazil, the most common term you will come across when referring to the FAQ is “frequently asked questions”.

The method is one of the most common in the products and services market, regardless of the field of activity. It has even been applied for a long time, long before the popularization of the concept of Customer Experience (CX) or the chatbot, which came to add and innovate digitally.

The main objective is to facilitate customer service. Let’s assume that a person has a blog with several articles about confectionery and, on that same website, he also offers a course for beginning bakers on how to bake cake for birthday parties.

In the FAQ of this digital entrepreneur, for example, it is important to have:

  • Main information about the course;
  • Payment methods;
  • How to get in touch in case of system error;
  • If the course has a limited period or is for life;
  • Among other issues that are convenient.

Digital business: how to make an FAQ?

Before we go into the information on how to make a FAQ, it’s worth pointing out the two main points this feature can offer on the FAQ page:

  1. Inform the most sought after subjects by customers and the most recurrent general doubts;
  2. Facilitate the customer experience with the most important information. Thus, the consumer can quickly get what he needs. If the case is more complex, the customer service team takes action.

That way, the FAQ must be balanced. Don’t put too much and unimportant information, but don’t leave out what’s important either. This facilitates what we call customer self-service. In other words, he can solve something or solve a doubt without bureaucracy and, better, alone and quickly.

Before making a FAQ, pay attention to two factors:

  1. Your persona and what she is looking for in your product or service;
  2. What are the key information that everyone should have access to before consuming something in your digital business?

4 tips for making a FAQ

Here are four tips for making a FAQ and thereby improving customer service:

1. Offer a walkthrough

Just because technology is inserted in the daily life of society, many people find it difficult to carry out the process requested by the website. This can happen due to several factors, such as slow Internet, lack of understanding of filling fields, very advanced technologies, among other reasons. That’s why a smart digital business is always one step ahead and ready to serve.

Thus, a good tip is to offer a step-by-step guide to use the site and purchase your infoproduct. For example, taking up the entrepreneur at the beginning of the text, who teaches online courses on baking cake for birthday parties? To facilitate the process and ensure a good customer experience, she can provide a step-by-step guide on how to purchase the course.

This tab can be called “how to buy the course (step by step)”, for example. This icon should contain information on how to select the course and insert it in the shopping bag, where to insert the discount coupon, how to calculate shipping and, finally, the payment methods and the execution of the service.

2. Research the Top Customer Questions

This tip is important and is related to the previous topic. After all, in addition to the step-by-step, other questions may appear during the customer experience in your digital business. So, take the opportunity to do a survey on the main doubts people have about your product or service.

It doesn’t have to be something so complete and elaborate. If you pay attention to the comments on your social networks or the questions that appear on a daily basis, you will already have a good idea of ​​what to answer first. Check the searches that the public does constantly and the most used words, in addition to other points that you find relevant.

3. Indicate links and external service channels

Another key tip is to offer additional customer service links and channels. Thus, if the person’s question is not answered by the FAQ, they will know how to get in touch (e-mail, telephone, chat, for example) and will choose the way they think is best.

4. Ask for customer feedback

Feedback is a very important action, both for work teams and for consumers. Therefore, whenever possible, ask for customer feedback regarding the service. In the case of the FAQ, insert an icon for this, such as: “Did the FAQ help you with your question?”, “Are you happy with the answer?” or “Was this information helpful to you?”

Top Mistakes When Making a FAQ

  1. Not checking the most frequently asked questions and not answering them properly;
  2. Exaggerate the amount of information and content;
  3. Preparing bad answers, leaving them without good structure, cohesion, clarity and objectivity and not revising the text;
  4. Ignore the target audience’s frequently asked questions;
  5. Do not inform other forms of contacts, such as email, telephone or chat.

Customer experience matters

The FAQ page is the lead’s entry (or exit, if not done right!). Therefore, pay attention:

  1. Use clear and easy-to-understand language (no too technical and complicated terms);
  2. Organize the questions separately and in an orderly way, corresponding to the order of each step;
  3. Check it periodically and update the information whenever necessary;
  4. Promote your FAQ on different channels, such as email marketing and social media.

FAQ example

HeroSpark is a complete digital entrepreneurship platform that offers several solutions for this industry, such as SparkFunnels — a tool designed for creating high-converting sales funnels and much more.

The HeroSpark website offers a general help center with basic questions and answers, as well as specific tabs for each infoproduct it offers. To complete your experience, in this content on how to make a FAQ, we suggest that you go to our website to see a practical example.

So, what did you think of our FAQ? Was it helpful for you? Write your feedback on what the FAQ is, FAQ pages, and the importance of this feature to the customer experience in the comments.


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