What is mailing and how to use it in 2021?


Anyone who invests in email marketing probably already knows what mailing is. Literally, mailing was just the courier service, sending letters or messages.

But, in the digital age, it was re-signified to the process of having and updating an email contact base. Its main utility is to enable an effective and guaranteed delivery of content to customers and leads.

In 2021, the mission of most entrepreneurs will still be to recover and rebuild their businesses. That’s why email marketing is so functional right now: it’s a direct, assertive and objective means of communication.

In this article, you’ll understand what mailing is, how to set one up and how to use it in 2021. Keep up!

What is mailing?

It is a database with targetable emails, that is, the contact information of people that can be grouped into categories such as gender, location and age.

In addition to email marketing, direct mail and telemarketing (outbound marketing) also make use of this base of mailings.

These approaches can be addressed with mailing:

  • promotions;
  • warnings;
  • messages for birthdays.

If you choose the email format, instead of links, for example, it is recommended to use a trigger. It is simple software, but with many customization options.

Remembering that, as long as there are options to register using emails, such as in social networks and large virtual stores, email marketing is not threatened.

If a person uses the internet regularly, it is practically a certainty that they have e-mail. Even if you don’t access it, you can encourage it through social networks or telemarketing itself.

What should I do to have a good mailing?

First, what characterizes good mailing?

It’s the one that helps you get the message straight to the best customer, lead or prospect at the best time.

For this, it must be really complete, with basic contact information, as well as information such as:

  • Profession;
  • Workplace;
  • History and buying habits;
  • Interests.

Below, understand the most basic steps you must take to have a good mailing.

Choose an automation tool

Even if you have a small-scale digital business, it’s no good to waste time typing emails into a spreadsheet.

From the moment you choose a software, you still receive the functionalities of:

  • customize messages;
  • schedule campaigns;
  • nurture the relationship with your target audience;
  • receive a full analysis of generated metrics.

To learn more about the subject, check out this video:

Produce lovely content

To get personal information from someone, like email or phone, the least you should do is be interesting, right? This rule does not change in digital marketing.

As you strive to deliver material that really matters, your lead will likely want more of it and won’t miss the next content. Thus, it is more likely that the person chooses to enter your mailing.

In addition to organic contacts, you can merge with this strategy to get emails through ads, free samples (if you market products) and free trial periods (if you work with services).

Maintain and update the list

In order for contacts to receive messages that make sense to them, the address base must be up to date.

A mailing that is updated once a year can be of significantly lower quality than a list that is updated every three months. People exchange emails, cancel subscriptions and even change interests.

Furthermore, running email campaigns or even making calls, using mailings with old and faulty addresses, is a total waste of money.

Escape from buying mailing

Buying ready-made lists of users who have never interacted with your business doesn’t work – and it’s already been talked about extensively in marketing. However, especially among companies that make B2B sales, the practice is still carried out.

In a matter of time, they will regret it, because this public is very cold, doesn’t know anything about your business and ends up not developing interest in buying.

How to use this strategy in 2021?

After all, what is expected to change when it comes to mailing this year?

Unaffected vs. Affected Sectors

According to expert Chad White, author of “Email Marketing Rules”, sectors not affected by the pandemic, such as e-commerce, tend to benefit better from this more 1 to 1 communication, such as email marketing, provided for a good mailing.

The e-mail marketing market itself should bring more accurate analysis, optimized artificial intelligence and improvements in the time it takes to send messages.

If you are part of the group of negatively impacted entrepreneurs, such as those in traditional retail, it’s time to ensure efficiency, optimize only the essentials, do A/B tests, etc.

Email as a starting point

Surveys reveal that 68% of customers say their customer experience expectations have increased.

Since email is a push channel, where your goal is to offer your product or service to a user you’re not sure you’re looking for, it’s considered the beginning of the customer journey. And the journey has full relevance to the customer experience as a whole.

Impact of LGPD

The General Data Protection Law was enacted in 2018, but each year its application and, thus, its consequences become more urgent. Two important topics for strategies involving the use of mailings are:

  • User consent

Mailing makes sending emails to leads a lot easier. However, the LGPD proposes more stringency regarding user consent. You must request permission to send messages clearly and directly.

checkbox, with a phrase like “I authorize the sending of promotional content”, right below the registration form of a landing page, is an example. It is also possible to send an email to your base, asking them to confirm their interest in receiving your content.

If the request is made by a child or teenager, their guardian over the age of 18 must respond to the request.

  • Possibility of fines and sanctions

If you didn’t worry about the Law before, know that from 2021 onwards, fines and sanctions can be applied in case of non-compliance. The fine, to illustrate, is 2% of the billing or R$ 50 million for violation of the norm.

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