What is multilevel marketing and how does it work?

multilevel marketing

Do you know what multilevel marketing is? This model works very well for companies and can be used well in the digital marketing of your business. Simply put, a multilevel marketing company works with distributors capable of influencing the brand or product and, consequently, increasing sales.

If you want to know this business model in your product or service, you are in the right post. In this article, we will explain everything about multilevel marketing: what it is, the differences between multilevel marketing and pyramid and how it works. Check out!

What is multilevel marketing?

Multilevel marketing, also known as network marketing, works as a remuneration model capable of investing not only in the professional who makes the sale but also in his sponsor. It works simply and targets what is essential for a successful digital business: investment and dissemination.

How does multilevel marketing work?

Years ago, in the beginning of traditional marketing, sales were made door-to-door. The entrepreneur used different types of methods to advertise his product and make his customer network could have a considerable increase.

With the development of the area, other strategies and innovations emerged. Today, this tactic is called direct marketing and has new and even more effective ways. Thus came multilevel marketing.

Imagine that, after so much selling from door to door, customers increased and the entrepreneur needed more employees, such as supervisors and managers.

A multi-level marketing company understands that it doesn’t need to take half of its revenue and assign it to a poster boy or even television commercials. It is smarter to make this investment in staff and distribute it to consultants.

This means that in multilevel marketing there is no CLT contract (Consolidation of Labor Laws). All are independent distributors. This means that they have a contract with the company, which offers a kit with the products for the start of the business and, based on that, they start working.

Unlike digital marketing, it works like a supermarket or pharmacy chain. Each distributor that enters counts as a store. Thus, the company gains a network of distributors that, later on, can become a network of consumers, distributors and people who want to build the brand.

This model gained space in digital marketing

The investment that would be made by other marketing models gains space in the famous word of mouth. But why? This is certainly one of the reasons why social media has exploded these days.

People like to express their opinions. Therefore, when they like a product or service a lot, they share it with their followers. This is how the network grows more and more.

It’s curious to think that a good part of what we consume or want to buy was through some external influence, be it advertising or someone’s indication, such as digital influencers. People feel more comfortable in purchasing a product indicated by someone else, as it brings more security about the effectiveness of the service. After all, this is how trust is shaped.

In digital marketing, companies often prefer to sell their products through this online influence rather than investing enough money to be seen in some TV or radio commercial.

In this way, the distributor buys from the entrepreneur’s hand at the lowest price and sells at the standard value, which is tabulated. The company will have a satisfactory gain and will also increase sales. Thus, you will have two models: people who want to consume and those who want to distribute your product. That’s where network marketing comes in!

Advantages of Using Multilevel Marketing

See what the main advantages of undertaking multilevel marketing are:

  • Parallel way in your current source of income: you can keep your current job and dedicate yourself according to your availability;
  • Development: unlike other professions, in multilevel marketing, you develop on the same level as your business;
  • Low investment: to open any business it is necessary to invest, but this amount may take a long time to pay off. In multilevel marketing it is different, as it is possible to start small and receive immediately;
  • Low loss level: if you give up on your investment, the products can be resold and you don’t lose the amount you invested;
  • Independence: In multilevel marketing, a person works according to their own time and demand, without the need for a boss or supervisor.

All these advantages are similar to what happens in the case of infoproducts. However, the infoproduct has one more advantage: you have the possibility to create everything exactly the way you prefer.

The infoproducer will think about the segment he wants to act, the avatar he wants to reach, the digital product to be developed and which platform he will host, for example.

Certainly, investing in a digital product will allow you to stand out even more in the field of activity and, if done correctly, you can achieve the dreamed of 6 in 7.


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